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June 17-20, 2005

The next Conference and Reception will be held in Memphis, Tennessee in mid-June 2005. It will be a 4 day event and will include investing of Knights by King Kigeli of Rwanda, Prince Ermias of Ethiopia and Prince Buu Chanh. There will be a visit to the National Civil Rights Museum, Elvis Presley's (The King) home, Beal Street, and Mud Island. The Africa-American and Vietnam leaders of the community will be present. We are also inviting the two mayors and if possible the governor. There will be lectures, discussion groups, business meetings, a formal dance, investure and a conference of the American Academy for Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences and hopefully the American College of Heraldry. Individuals attending should wear business suits and during the dance and investing of knights, white tie and tails. All individuals are asked to wear their various medals, badges and breast stars (approved by ICOC) and come prepared to enjoy themselves. Speeches will be provided by the mayors, Prince Buu Chanh, Prince Ermias and King Kigeli.

It is hoped that during the visit to the National Civil Right's Museum, His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie and HIH Prince Regent Buu Chanh of Vietnam will be interviewed and video taped by the Museum staff and the tapes placed with those of King Kigeli V of Rwanda, Presidents Carter and Clinton and President Nelson Mandela. There will be a fund raising dinner ($200 a plate) and dance (mentioned above) on Sunday night. The dance and dinner will be held at the internationally noted Peabody Hotel on Union Street in Memphis. Hotel accommodations will be provided at the Radisson Hotel and Peabody. All events are within walking distance except for Elvis's home. Congressman Ford and the Director of the National Civil Rights Museum will receive knighthoods. It is also our intention to invite Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones to receive knighthoods.

For additional information contact:

Prof. Dr. C. E. Magnus Lindgren, Chancellor to His Imperial Highness Prince Regent Buu Chanh of Vietnam, Advisor to His Majesty King Kigeli of Rwanda and Professor of Military History at American Military University H.E. Noble David Ashley Pritchard, Vice Chancellor to HIH Prince Buu Chanh of Vietnam and Advisor to HM King Kigeli of Rwanda

Dame Prof. Dr. Deborah Sherman, Adjunct Professor at the University of Mississippi


MOI BAN BAM VAO LINK !...-http://users.panola.com/vietnam/summit.html

MOI BAN BAM VAO LINK !...-http://users.panola.com/vietnam/index.html

-- Nong Bi' Dai" (VietnancongSans@yahoo.com), August 09, 2004

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