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My mind may be playing tricks on me (it won't be the first time!), but I recollect that a former C of G business car was originally the "Marco Polo", a Pullman car that was placed in general passenger service by the Pullman Co. Later, this car was acquired by the C of G, and renamed (I can't recall the name). After its retirement, it spent some years at Savannah, GA, and was refurbished, and renamed back to the "Marco Polo", which was the name of the car when it was used by then-Governor Roosevelt of New York (later President).

Any help? Thanks in advance!

Aaron Dowling

-- Aaron Dowling (aarondowling@cfl.rr.com), August 08, 2004



The Central of Georgia's office car "Savannah" was originally the "Marco Polo." Some additional information about the heritage of the car can be found at: http://cofg.org/articles/040709.php

-- Allen Tuten (allen@cofg.org), August 09, 2004.

From Tom Madden's impressive data base, Marco Polo was built 10-Jun- 27 to plan 3972 and sold to CofG 1-Jul-44.

The cars to plan 3972 and 3972A were a special PV plan of just a handful of cars all of which were, if memory serves, the last private cars built new.

I can't help with the renaming but someone else will doubtless be able to flesh out the post 1944 history


-- Aidrian Bridgeman Sutton (smokeandsteam@san.rr.com), August 08, 2004.

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