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I cannot reconcile your comments in reply to my question seeking legal assistance with your advice to many other victims of institutional arrogance. In that you tell me that all solictors/barristers will lean towards the interests of the lender whilst directing many other unfortunates to take legal advice. I would welcome your comments on the apparent dichotomy.

In the meantime, Carol Riley has been in touch seeking my assistance in directing her to the Q&A site in which you discussed the finances of NAMV. What do you want me to do about this?

-- Stephen (, August 08, 2004


In regard to your first question I did not say ALL solicitors and barristers, but only ones involved in CONVEYANCING MAY lean towards the interests of of the lender.

In regard to your second question re Carol, you do not need to do anything about this, there is no problem.


-- M Amos (, August 08, 2004.

To know that you and Carol have patched things up is such a relief to me! Words cannot express how happy I am for you both. However, neither of you have explained why Carol went back on her word to me that at the end of the hearing in January 2004 she would put me in touch with Mr Amhad Butt.

In any event, I fail to understand why Mr Butt cannot represent me at the hearing dealing with the simple matter of my application to rectify the Charges Register. Especially since I will pay him for his services.

-- Stephen (, August 08, 2004.

My dad had a big problem with solicitors when he started to issue a claim against Abbey National.

Eventually he understood that no solicitor that is involved in conveyencing work will ever issue a claim against a bank or building society. The banks and Bs operate a blacklist of solicitors that they will mess about. All the solicitors that deal with banks and BS's know this, and that is why they never ever become involved in legal disputes involving banks or BS's.

My Dad was forced to dismiss several solicitors before he encountered a solicitor who professed to not do any conveyencing work. But the solicitor then screwed him over fee's anyway.

In many ways you are better off being a LIP when you sue a bank or BB's.

This country has a hell of a legal system.


-- Zena (, August 13, 2004.


Thanks for taking the time to clarify in my mind that which, I suppose, I have always suspected. I'll fight on regardless because at least as a litigant in person I can do everything in my power to ensure that the truth will out. Even if the courts don't allow this, then surely the media would have a field day if fraud is proved against the Royal Bank of Scotland Group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Stephen (, August 14, 2004.

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