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I just bought a Sunbeam Coffeemaster vacuum pot at an auction today and have two questions. Is it still possible to get the cloth filters for this, or make the filters out of something else? Also, I cannot seperate the top from the bottom. Any helpful hints?

Thanks! Rachel Jorgensen

-- Rachel Jorgensen (, August 07, 2004


Cloth filters I don't know. I just bought one myself and it came with an original.

As for separating the top from the bottom, the seal may have been hardened with time (mine was). Put water in it and run it a full cycle, THEN try to pull it apart. The heat and steam help to loosen it some. Be careful, though, the outside gets really hot, and it's STILL hard as heck to get separated.

-- Rebekah Gatian (, September 07, 2004.

occassionally you will see stainless steel versions of the filter in old hardware or home equipment stores. if you still have the ring that the cloth filter fit on, some people will spear a modern standard paper filter with it and push that into the throat of the upper tank.

the rubber seal does get hard with time, and if it isn't regularly used will tend to stick to the lower tank. the previous suggestion of running the coffee pot thru its paces and then trying to separate them is a good one. also, a gentle twisting action as you are pulling, kinda like the bottom tank being held under your left arm while you gently twist and pull with your right hand might work. once separated, a thin film of cooking oil, etc will help prevent sticking and preserve the rubber.

hope that helps! let us know!

-- Keith Wissman (, October 03, 2004.

I had the same problem, and after running it through a cycle with water only, it loosened up. Now the problem I have is that it won't fit back in. Also, is the gasket removable? I see posts where people are wanting to replace the gasket. Mine seems like its a permanent part of the top portion.

-- judy bolton (, November 06, 2004.

I have a new (in box) Replacement Filter and Retaining Ring for Sunbeam Coffeemaster Catalog No. 12-21953 Filter Screen Assembly for Model C50 and C30 I would be glad to sell it.

-- Bob Fisher (, December 24, 2004.

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