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Are there any old passenger or freight depots left standing in Charleston, South Carolina.

-- Richard H Kearns (, August 07, 2004



Amtrak Station - built @ 1956-57 by ACL still standing (don't go there at night or unarmed!). Former REX building located on other side of US52/Rivers Avenue overhead bridge. Last time I passed through the area it was occupied by a recyling firm. The REX building also sits on the site of the former North Charleston Station that was razed when the "Amtrak" station was completed.

Ex Northeastern Passenger Station - built @ 1880s (?). Located on East Bay Street in vicinity of the Port Authority's diesel locomotive shop. The former ACL (ex Northeastern/Charleston & Savannah) freight houses used to be located across the street from this station. The C&S was razed in the 70s and the NE depot burned @ 1989.

Ex SAL freight house, located on East Bay Street. Currently occupied by a Harris Teeter supermarket.

Hope this helps.

-- Buddy Hill (, August 08, 2004.

How old are you talking about,Dick? The current Amtrak station was built by ACL in the fifties.

-- J.Oates (, August 08, 2004.

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