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-- ejjdiewjdoes (foo@bar.com), August 07, 2004


Im sorry! i choke on small parts.

when i said i wanted to talk to someone... i said someone interesting...

-- Emiko (lains_shadow@hotmail.com), August 07, 2004.

little bitch got a mouth on her. fuck you you little slag! small parts WAT THE FUCK? bigger then yo boy, not like you have one.

-- hhhhhhhhkkkkkkkk (foo@bar.com), August 07, 2004.

oh im so offended... i may have to go and cry somewhere now... stupid guy.... DONT SWEAR ON THE FORUM!>:P

thank you n_n

-- Emiko (lains_shadow@@hotmail.com), August 07, 2004.

fuck you ill fuckin swear all i like you fuckin hoe! go suck your daddy like you do every night!

-- hughuig (foo@bar.com), August 07, 2004.

"go suck your daddy like you do every night!" yeah thats original... yeah anyway please go away now.

-- Emiko -cant be bothered with flooders- (lains_shadow@@hotmail.com), August 07, 2004.

little gurl cant do better than plez go away?

-- jehrjndf (foo@bar.com), August 07, 2004.

oh fine whatever... *sigh* if you dont go now i will plunge you into a nightmare world from wich there is no waking after i chew on your eyeballs after i pluck them from your skull one by one...


stupid people...

-- Emiko (lains_shadow@@hotmail.com), August 07, 2004.

your a freak. go have lesbian sessions with your sister.

-- ejjdiewjdoes (foo@bar.com), August 07, 2004.

yeah ok... ill go... only cause i have better things to do than argue with you... some people are so stupid... what do you gain from doing things like this...? *sigh*

-- Emiko -tired of this- (lains_shadow@@hotmail.com), August 07, 2004.

yeah yo better run bitch!

-- hetjthgg (foo@bar.com), August 07, 2004.

i wasnt running... i got bored of you... and just so you know... that threat thingy wasnt trying very hard... just random trash i pulled out my brain... so yeah.. its lame -_- im not wasteing my time on yoo.......

-- Emiko (lains_shadow@@hotmail.com), August 11, 2004.

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