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TO: Mrs. Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

The Vietnamese people to bring on a debate at the United Nations to prosecute the Vietnamese communist Party for itís CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. This crime and its party leaders are guilty of a crime which has been committed against the Vietnamese people . The criminals should be prosecuted and punished by the international courts of justice.

Dear Mrs. Mary Robinson:

In the wake of brutal atrocities in the wars in Bosnia and Rwanda, the United Nations, with the full support of your administration, has convened the first international war crimes tribunal since World War II.

Representatives of your administration have said that supporting the tribunal's prosecution of individuals responsible for the wide-scale murder, rape and torture of civilians in both conflicts will deter future abuses.

The communist leaders of Vietnam responsible for subjecting anti-Communist Vietnamese and U.S. prisoners of war to concentration camps, brutal guards, starvation rations, decapitation, killing fields and mass graves. The facts needed to investigate and successfully prosecute Vietnamese war criminals are clearly laid out in thousands of pages of documentation and testimony on file with the U.S. government, including statements and reports received from victims, witnesses, other governments, UN agencies, international organizations and non-governmental organizations.

The Vietnamese Communist Leaders, have a well-defined and recorded history as a black-hearted war criminal. Vietnamese Communist Party recruited young Vietnamese men and women (children included) and trained them as terrorists for terrorism acts against the civilian population of South Vietnam .

The communist leaders responsible for the Viet Cong's official policies pertaining to the treatment of U.S. prisoners of war, policies which resulted in the deaths of nearly 40 percent of all U.S. prisoners in Viet Cong prisons.

In the name of justice and for the sake of all the victims of Vietnamese Communist's war crimes, please ask that they (VCP) be investigated and prosecuted by the newly formed United Nations War Crimes Tribunal.

For your information, here is a list by date of some of the war crimes members of the Vietnamese Communist Party are guilty of.

Viet Minh gained political power in 1954 , members of the Lao Dong (Communist Party) invaded South Vietnam after the end of the French-Indochina . Vietnamese communists conceal their involvement in ordering brutal acts of terrorism.

1957-58: VCP used the application of violence, elimination of anyone who might potentially support, or form the core of, opposition to their communist ideologies deliberate policy of exterminating possible opponents had been refined to an art, with South Vietnamese village chiefs and their families serving as primary targets for wholesale campaigns of assassination.

The following is a partial chronological list of terrorist acts which were a part of VCP's campaign of terror against the civilian population of South Vietnam.


-- Nong bi dai' (, August 07, 2004

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