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I have seen pictures of the Seaboard freight station in Brooksville with two or three RS-3's parked in the background. There might be 5 or 6 cabooses. Why? Were these for local trains? To where and for what? I guess the pictures were taken in the 50's.

-- Richard H Kearns (, August 06, 2004


Richard, during the 1960's - 1980's, four large and very active limerock mines were located to the north and northwest of the Brooksville area. The SAL served these mines, along with a mine shared with the ACL on the east side of town. The SAL freight station was the "bull pen" for locomotive units to head out and form trains out of the loaded hopper cars at the mines. The SAL gave priority and responsive service to the shippers' needs, and kept an ample supply of units in Brooksville to move the loaded cars south to Tampa. During the mid to late 1960's, I never saw another make or model other than the SAL's Alco RS-2 and RS-3 units at Brooksville!

-- Aaron Dowling (, August 09, 2004.

Dick, Many locals ran out of Brooksville as well as Rock Yard,north of town

-- J.Oates (, August 08, 2004.

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