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While I was cleaning up some of my files, I came upon a roster of Mexican Passenger Cars put together by Jon Clark, Bill Farmer and Ed Van Nordeck dated June 1, 1989. There are some items of interest here: ACL sleeper "Surf Bird" was in service in Mexico for Bananafish Tours operating under its AMTRAK number 2305.

RF&P 406 "Lancaster" is SCD 633 "ASTURIAS" PRR 8336 "Clinton" is SCD 639 "MADRID" RF&P 402 "Hanover County" is SCD 650 "NAPOLES" RF&P 405 "Chesterfield" is SCD 651 "CAPRI" RF&P 407 "King George" is SCD 652 "FLORENCIA" PRR 8349 "Union County" is SCD 721 "OCEANIA" ACL "Gardenia" is SCD 722 "RUBI" ACL "Camellia" is SCD 725 "ACERINA" SAL "Petersburg" is SCD 741 "TEPIC" ACL "Darlington County" is SCD 742 "MAZATLAN" ACL "Halifax County" is SCD 743 "CULIACAN" SAL "Charlotte" is SCD 753 "TLAXCALA" SAL "Sebring" is SCD 756 "OVIEDO" ACL Heavyweight diner "Sanford" is SCD 1366 "BANQUETE" RF&P Diner "Henrico" is SCD 1374 "EL MAYA" ACL Diner "La Grange" is SCD 3674 "TAMAULIPAS"

SCD was the acronym of the Mexican Government Agency that purchased the various passenger cars operating in Mexico and then leased them to the Nationales De Mexico for further operation. Given the state of Mexican passenger trains today, I doubt if any of these cars still exist.

-- Michael W. Savchak (, August 05, 2004

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