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I have an early single radiator F4 & have got the opertunity to buy a twin radiator & fan set. It looks quite straight forward to change over but I was wondering if has anyone has ever done this conversion & is it as easy as taking the single one off & fitting the twin ?

One thing that appears different is on the single one there are 2 multi block connectors (probably temperature sensors) that attach to the left hand side of the radiator but on the twin set up there is only 1 so I will have a multi block electrical connection with nothing attached to it!

I would be interested to hear from anybody with a twin radiator set up from standard if you have a spare muliti block connector under the left hand fairing.



-- Tony Hilson (, August 05, 2004


Ihave done exactly the same thing to my bike, and you are dead right in what you say, you will end up with one plug and no where to fit it.

It is the plug for the elec fan switch that you will have over(the other rad one is the dash temp gauge), MV made a different thermostat housing for this switch to fit into, at the time I did mine anything from MV was like rocking horse s***, I bought from Demon Tweeks an in line aluminium housing into which the switch screwed into, I fitted this into the return line from the rads to the water pump-works great.

There is also a bracket from the engine crankcase to the lower rad you will need, and the rubber pipe from the headtank to the aluminium pipe that connects the lower rad to the water pump, you will also need this aluminium pipe as well as it has a branch for the above mentioned fill pipe.There is also the pipe that goes across the front of the block(about 8mm dia)you will have to shorten this I have a parts manual and can give you the part numbers if you want.

Hope this helps (James C from Yahoo asked me to reply to you)

-- mike (, August 05, 2004.

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