URGENT- Time De-barred? sporadic payments made.

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I had a mortgage with the Leamington Spa BS in 1989. After falling into arrears , I handed back the properties keys. Once the sale was completed they asked us to pay the shortfall, including that payed by eagle star (mortgage ideminity). approx 32,000 pounds. We took advice from the CAB who just set up a payment schedule at no time did they look into disputing the debt. We've made sporadic payments since then. Bradford & Bingley bought the Leamington Spa BS in the early 1990's. B.Bingley continued to chase us and kept trying to increase the payments. Once they found out we had equity in our new property the letters got more threatening, at this stage we contacted Peter Walker of Concept Management based in Southend. He said that the CAB were wrong to admit the debt as the Mortgage Indeminity was there to protect US, as we had payed for it! He says there is a lot of confusion over early MIG's and that he has not lost a case when challenging the B.Societies on it. Therefore the debt is now (aug 2004) time de-barred Also B.bingly have not produced documentation as requested.

It is now going to court on Mon 16th August. I am now very concerned of the outcome as we could lose our family home and everything we have worked for over the last 14 years. Although Peter Walker remains confident he won't be the one to lose everything. PLEASE CAN YOU URGENTLY ADVISE WHAT WE SHOULD DO.


Simon Piper

-- Simon Piper (piper7162@yahoo.co.uk), August 04, 2004

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