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Does anyone know if there's been a changed to the rule that a used bike sold to someone in CA must have over 6,000 miles before it can be registered?

In the past, I heard people get around that rule by using out of state P.O. Boxes. Any other sugguestions?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Az) (, August 03, 2004


the bike must have at least 7500 miles on it to be considered a "used" motorcycle...

I'm in the same boat right now...just picked up an out of state bike.


-- Allen Wu (, August 03, 2004.

I am in California and bought an 01 F4 from the east coast. It had very low milage. I took it to AAA and had no problems. As long as it was previously registered somewhere in the US you should not have a problem.

-- Cali-Kane (, August 05, 2004.

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