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we are looking for a thames valley resistor 2 ohms 8 inch long .

-- distribution marley (, August 03, 2004


I have one and they are very rare. I must get at least $1,000.00 for it.


-- Wilbur (, August 03, 2004.

marley, thames valley have changed their name to liftstore, they have a web site ( if you ring them they have a tech help line too. you can have that information for nothing. wilbur your a twat.

-- paul lacey (, August 04, 2004.

Paul, Please supply the correct information and that is that "Thames Valley" no longer exists. They did not change the name to Liftstore! You are supplying false information to benifit your own company! Liftstore and Thames Valley have absolutley no affiliation with one another.

As for the part requested a 2 ohm 100 watt or so resistor this item can be purchased at any electronic supply house so if Marley does not know this he deserves to get ripped off and should not be working on elevators/lifts. It's people like him that get people killed and give the industry a bad name.

So Paul feel free to call me a twat! Rest assured I think you would rather have me working on the elevator/lift your loved ones are on rather than one serviced by Marley.

Your loving "twat", Wilbur

-- Wilbur (, August 05, 2004.

Wilbur your not just a twat your a daft twat! TVL is now known as TVC and is 100% owned by LiftStore UK. Stop trying to rip people off with equipment, that you stole from some past job. Remember, it was not yours to take. Don't make up any silly excuses how it legitimately belongs to you, because we don't belive you!

-- Sean Price (, August 18, 2004.

just for your information everbody distribution marley is a store for elevetor parts in montreal canada

-- joe (, August 05, 2004.

i apolagise for calling you a twat, but let me set you straight on afew points. firstly i dont , never have and never will work for lift store, t.v.l or any company associated with it so as for benefiting my company that is the first of many points you are wrong on. now lets adress this so called false information.. i look after multiple thames valley units and lift store is the only company that i have found that supply thames valley parts, drawings , manuals etc..( at least in the u.k) as for having no affiliation with thames valley i believe they have most of thames valleys staff( including technical staff) i also believe they are on the same telephone number as the old t.v.l help line. example: last year i had a tricky fault on a thames valley controller and having given the help line the contract number(controller was fitted in 1987) tyhey were able to pull the records for that particular site, how is this possible if they have nothing to do with thames valley? so excuse me for presuming that they are thames valley by any other name! if im wrong ill be happy for you to put me straight... as for the point about being able to pick up the resistors anywhere, your not wrong, but if he ( at the time i presumed he was an engineer)looks after thames valley controllers and doesnt know where to get a resistor, how the hell wil he get an i/o board when he needs one..(and at some point he will) so i put the reply there as much for future referance as anything else. as for the twat remark, obviously your joke whent straight over my head, sense of humour failure on my part, but i have seen posts on this site where people have tried to take advantage of customers/less experianced companies by flogging their own stuff, and im sure you will agree this only makes us all look bad. your paul'no affiliation to lift store whatsoever'lacey p.s good as im sure you are , the only lifts that i trust are ones i fitted/service myself.

-- paul lacey (, August 06, 2004.

update,... thames valley where bought by dewhurst and changed their name to dj liftstore. if you dont believe me wilbur look on the the old tvlc web site or the liftstore web site, looks like i was right..but dont woory mate even the best of us are wrong sometimes, i remember i was wrong once.. it was a tuesday...around 1978 if i rember was raining................................................

-- paul lacey (, August 06, 2004.

Hello! You find TVLC under webadress: Company TVC have also sparparts you needed.

-- Toni Spiclin (, August 10, 2004.

As Sales Director for LiftStore I feel qualified to confirm the following: Thames Valley Controllers (TVC) are manufactured by LiftStore Limited in the UK. LiftStore is a fully owned subsidiary of Dewhurst PLC. We have recently launched the new TVC Internet enabled Ethos controller and continue to support TVC controllers, old and new, with spares and technical support. Our spares are readily available and reasonably priced. We are committed to support our customers world-wide. The following URL gives a full description: PageID=products/cat.asp&Product_Cat_ID=1&Product_SubCat_ID=0 or just see regards Eamonn Reid

-- Eamonn Reid (, September 12, 2004.

Well chaps,all i was looking for was some technical data from liftstores website(..or is that TVL or dupar??)I am quite impressed by the amount of vitriole generated from a query about a resistor,thats what i love about the liftgame!!Keep up the good work all you mad fuckers!

-- Tommy Murphy (, September 28, 2004.

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