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My wife and myself have been living together for 7 years at our present address. But because of my poor credit history (2 defaults), she got the right to buy the council's property (RTB) and sourced a mortgage from a lender with a fraudulent claim that I'm seperated from her and that I would not be residing at the address after the mortgage has been granted ( as directed by the mortgage lender ). She got the statutory declaration signed by a solicitor. The fact is that my wife and myself are still together and she only acted in that manner in order to secure mortagage for the property.

QUESTION : Please may I know if I take this matter up with the lender and let them understand that my wife fraudulently obtained the mortgage by deceit and that we are still living together in the property, what would be the consequence. Please I would appreciate if you could recommend any good solicitor that could handle this matter for me. I want her to pay dearly for the fraud. My number is 07931349490.

-- Kingsley Ade (, August 03, 2004


What a nasty person you must be - and of course, you did not benefit by the "false" mortgage did you, by having a roof over your head for the last 7 years??

When and if you do report her "to pay dearly for the fraud" expect to find yourself in the next cell being asked how long you knew about the fraud and why you did nothing about it until now!!

If the mortgage is up to date, then it is probably best if nothing is said or done because one of the consequences is the potential foreclosure on fraud grounds of the mortgage - if this happens and you have been receiving what is called "beneficial interest" for 7 years, they can come back on you as well as your wife for any shortfall.

Be a nasty pillock if you will but beware the dog you fed biting your hand off!!!!!

-- David J Button (, August 06, 2004.

Kingseley Ade has emailed me thus: - Hi David!

You seem not to get me right. We've been living together in this flat for 7 years and i was responsible for the monthly rent payment. She got the mortgage late last month to buy the house without my knowledge. She presented dodgy bills and false claims with the help of a quack mortgage broker to obtain the mortgage without my knowledge. This mortgage of a thing happened just under one month ago. Pls let me hear from you.


This revises my answer previously given now that he has stated more facts. I agree he should report the false mortgage.

This thread delightfully illustrates the importance of stating all relevant details if you want proper considered responses!!!!!

-- David J. Button (, August 06, 2004.

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