Looking to buy RG3 exhaust for f4 1000

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New 1000 almost run in. As per MCN in the UK's comments - sell your house/wife to get one. I'm only up to 9000 rpm and already its scary. Totally different to the 2000 F4 750 I had, plus the changes to suspension and the electronic slipper clutch make a big difference.

Anyway - anyone in the UK looking to sell a complete RG3 system including manifolds, or advise where I can source cheaper than three cross??? Seems as though you can't source direct off MV special paerts if you have distributor in country.

For anyone else with a 1000 - MV SP-IT advised me to do to change the centre manifold (i.e. ditch the catalyser) to the inox open central manifold, or it won't work properly.

-- finlay (finlay_cooke@hotmail.com), August 03, 2004


Hey, good to hear the new 1000 is as good as the write up's say! trying to get my brother to trade is F4 750 for one. whats so good about the RG's them, i got them on my Senna & have to keep taking them off to get welded, you would be better off getting carbon ones or casoli do the real fancy light weight ones, did see QB carbon had RG3's for sale, check the warranty though, because 3x only give you 6months on new ones! P's my brother has carbon one's on his F4 and they sound alot better than my RG'3......

cheers john k aberdeen

-- john b kennedy (john@kennedytransport.co.uk), August 04, 2004.

Sorry to interrupt, but has the MV750 a catalyzer as well? Am in Europe BTW, that's left from Russia ;-)

-- Pieter (p.botman@tiscali.nl), August 05, 2004.

Hi Pieter

Just back from a business trip to Amsterdam... Lovely place.

No the 750 doesn't have a catalyst. At the moment it seems as if the choice for the 1000 is slip on rear RG3's, or a full system yet to be released as the front headers from the 750 won't fit.

-- Finlay (finlay_cooke@hotmail.com), August 05, 2004.

Thanks Finlay.

Hope you didn't bring any nasty souvenirs with you from Amsterdam. ;-)

-- Pieter (p.botman@wkths.nl), August 06, 2004.

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