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750F4 - 2000 14000 kms +/- made a trip yesterday and noticed, at a constant speed, that speedometer goes strange. at a speed of +/- 90 kms/h, it shows random speeds between 60 and 150 kms/h. The digits are changing all the time. Odometer and other digital functions work perfect. Has this anything to do with the speedsensor, or could a good shower, while washing the machine, be the reason of this problem (moisture?, bad contact). where is the contact situated and is it accessible from the outside? kind regards to you all Kris

-- kris hoffelinck (kris.hoffelinck@pandora.be), August 01, 2004


Hey It did that to me also. Remove the small sprocket cover on the left of the engine; where the chain runs - to be a little clearer. There is a star shaped which you would realize sits right in front of the speed sensor which is on the inside of the cover you removed. In the centre of the star shaped formation there is either a screw or a nut which you would need to tighten so that when the small sprocket is turning it turns at the same fixed sped it turns while riding which in turn would give you a correct reading on the dash. Oh dont over tighten it!!! or it'll break!! tighten it enough so that it doesnt move. You'll understand once you see it. Make sure the inside if the cover is well cleaned too especially the speed sensor.

-- steven (v60t@hotmail.com), August 01, 2004.

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