Will Proton increase F4-1000 or Brutale production?

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Does anybody have any insight concerning Proton's plans for MV Agusta? Logic would say they are in the business to maximize profits, which would mean increasing production rates of each bike.

IMO, they will attempt to increase the number made each year, just as TPG did with Ducati in the mid-nineties. Racing would also require more cash which would be raised through the sale of more bikes.

I've read that the bottleneck for MV production is the engine-building facility, which can only produce 22 engines/day or something along those lines. If they can maintain sub-assembly quality with outsourcing, they could of course increase production while an additional facilty was being built.

Look forward to your comments.

-- Steve Burns (sjb509@umr.edu), July 30, 2004


Yo! I came across a friend who somewhat read a magazine in Malaysia that there is plan to increase production to these two models. But of course, there is nothing really solid yet until they rolled out the actual plans. Personally speaking, I want these bikes to maintain limited production as ever so not to drag the price down too much and maintain it's exclusivity......

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), July 31, 2004.

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