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I want to open up a coffee shop, and I'm trying to decid between a 2 group and 3 group type machines. What is the advantage of having a 3 group over 2? Thanks. Razvan.

-- Razvan Mihailescu (, July 30, 2004


From my personal experience unless you are moving an incredible amount of volume at one time, you only need a two group. If you are doing $150.00 an hour through your drive-thru a three group is nice because you can have two of the groups pulling double shots and the other one for singles. I have a two group on my mobile unit and can do approximately 100-130 drinks an hour depending on the sizes. You obviously need a good barista:-)

-- Kyla Goff (, August 04, 2004.

iti pot raspunde direct la intrebarile tale despre expresoare la tel 0721 688 037 sau 021 410 6307

-- Aurelian Toma (, September 02, 2004.

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