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Hi There, If you were to prepare a spec for a new replacement jack to be installed in a Gov bldg with the most strickest code, what would it include. Would there be metal casing for hole, pvc for cylinder , uniguard between cylinder and pvc,what type and amount, water sensors, what type and where to be mounted, jack wrap, paint what kind, water or other sensors and who would they be connected.ect ect Also if you have time how would spec be written.

-- Jim (, July 29, 2004



What type Government, City, county, state, Fed, etc. Most local have no requirements except for what their area has adopted as code, ASME/ANSI. Newer Codes require PVC.

-- John (, July 30, 2004.

Most of the Gov bldgs have adopted ASME 2003 on new work with some like VA hospitals with there own extras added on top of the code. Also if a consultant is writing it the spec should cover all bases and cover everthing. If you are using a new jack and use union guard do you also use sand at the bottom of the pvc to the jack after you plumb jack or just use union guard, doesnt the jack still walk if only union guard used. What are you putting in spec as regards to drilling the hole out again for a replacement jack, what happens if the casing is removed and there is a cave in and the hole is redug. There is sometimes a large amount of dirt removed from the hole and I have seen bldg foundation trouble after, do you have to pressure grout the hole after. Also what if the hole is contaminated with oil what then. I would think with all the new jack work being done in the US and that 70% of the elevators in the US are hydros that a spec would be written to cover all situations and not have to draft one from scratch.

I want to thank everyone for there help on this and other questions that I have posted and also thank the many who email back to me privately. THANK YOU

-- Jim (, July 30, 2004.


Michigan recently (January 2004) adopted the 2000 code. In the code new jacks require a monatoring system of some undefined type. In the handbook the monatoring systems seems to be comprised of a low oil timer, and or a maintenance checklist to include recording the oil level in the tank. However the Michigan Elevator Inspectors require a 3/8 inch thick steel casing, a PVC casing, and a void between the PVC and the jack cylinder. The Michigan Elevator inspectors additionally define a monatoring systems as some means by which to monator for the presents of oil or water in the PVC casing, and some way to remove it if its detected.

It seems after a few very bad accidents, there is always a reactive tendency to go overboard on preventing a re-occurance, whatever the issue, adversly effecting the consumer unessaraly.

If I were the god of the elevator code I would simply require a clean dry hole, and the jack cylinder to be protected by epoxey/fiberglass resin, and provide a record of a holiday test, backfill the cylinder with sand. It would last indefinately.

Just my opinion.......

-- Mike (, July 31, 2004.

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