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A few people on the R1 forum said the 1000 Ago was already at a dealership in Florida. I always though the alarms would ring on the MV board when the first 1000 got off the ship. Are they really here?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (, July 29, 2004


I have heard there are three in the country but for magazine testing. Although Miami Ducati has an Ago listed for sale. Do a search on cycletrader online and you will see it.

-- Ron King (, July 30, 2004.

Ferracci had several bikes as well...there were a few posts of people riding them here in the U.S. That is, private owners, not magazine testers. I was the one that mentioned the dealership in Florida on the R1 list :-)

-- Michel Fortier (, July 30, 2004.

I just spoke with Ed Perry at Ferraci. He said the Ago should be in any day now and thinks they are clearing customes. The price of the regular 1000 is $20,995 and the price of the Ago is $25,995.

But in any case, I think I should be putting my '02 on the selling block soon.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (, July 30, 2004.

Are those additional bikes to the ones already here? I'll have to look up the images again on the MV Yahoo group but I believe someone posted a pic of an AGO in the US about three weeks ago. Was being ridden with an SPR and a "regular" F4 in NJ if I'm not mistaken

-- Michel Fortier (, July 30, 2004.

Here's a link to an actual Ago in the US...I knew I wasn't crazy!

-- Michel Fortier (, July 30, 2004.

In the Robb report (new U.S magazine)Mike Quindazzi wrote an article on a new F4 1000cc along with other Italian bikes...he himself owns that bike in California...his wife bought it 4 him...

-- Rui Cameira Gomes (, July 31, 2004.

HeHeHeHeHe! Yes there is!

-- sean crane (, August 12, 2004.

I sat on my Ago today in Freeport, NY. 102 of 300. I will pick it up next Thursday.

-- BIG L (, August 12, 2004.

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