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I have an application to rectify the Land Register that is shortly to be referred to the Adjudicator to the HM Land Registry. The alleged mortgagee will almost certainly instruct a barrister to argue its assertions at the formal hearing before the Adjudicator. I have been let down by Carol Riley at the NAMV regarding legal representation. However, the reason for this may be that this organisation no longer exists. Does anyone have any information about the National Association of Mortgage Victims? Also does anyone know of a solicitor or barrister whose field is conveyancing?

-- Stephen (, July 29, 2004



I understand the NAMV is very short of funding and while it hasn't ceased to exist, it is struggling. From what I know of Carol Riley I'm sure she wouldn't have let you down deliberately. A solicitor/barrister whose field is conveyancing may well lean towards the interests of the lender.


-- M Amos (, July 31, 2004.

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