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I was recently in the City of High Springs, Florida, and noticed two railroad depots, about 2 - 3 blocks apart. One was recognizable as a former ACL depot, but the other one was not identifiable.

What is the history of the second depot?


Aaron Dowling

-- Aaron Dowling (, July 29, 2004


The station to the west is the original station but moved from it's original site. I believe it is a restaurant today. It was 300 yards further west at one time. The other building was built to look like a railroad station but was built to provide public restrooms for the visiting public in this hamlet.

-- Dick Kearns (, July 31, 2004.

When I last photographed both depots there in 1991, I am pretty sure the two were close together, about 1 block apart. One was freight, the other passenger. I wonder if the one with the museum was moved from its original location - ? Seems wasteful to have built a replica if a "spare" original was available, although it wouldn't be the first time.

-- Larry Goolsby (, July 29, 2004.

Aaron, The information I got from the High Springs Historical Society is the Depot east of the crossing is a replaca and the depot west of the crossing is the original depot. Now privately owned,I beleve it is used for storage. The eastern depot houses the society museum and is worth the visit. Happy railroading, Dan

-- Dan King (, July 29, 2004.

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