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Just a quick update on the court hearing which was adjourned from; 04-06-04... I had to prove my husband was in employment, and i had to produce a letter from the highways agency confirming my claim of compensation plus i had to pay june's installment. I managed to do all 3 things, apart from the fact that i was 20-00 short for the payment for june, but the Halifax's solicitor was ok about that, in fact i think he was on my side more than the Halifax's side! The letter from the highways was produced, and they actually faxed the county court with it, instead of posting it to me, which helped a great deal. Anyway to cut a long story short, hubby is working now, and the judge has basically "thrown it out" he has told me to pay the normal payments plus 80-00 off the arrears, i asked him if he needed me to come back for another review and he said no, as long as i keep paying, but, if for any reason, ie; change of circumstances etc,we can't pay the money, then i have to contact the court to get the payment reduced NOT the Halifax. i got the impression the judge didn't have much liking for the Halifax. I asked the solicitor about the Norgan rules, and he said if the judge wanted to, he could make an order for us to pay the arrears for the rest of the mortgage term, which in our case is 12 yrs, and working out the payments, we would only pay...24-00 per month, and the Halifax could not do anything about it! The funny thing is, is that the last time i saw this particular judge was 5 yrs ago, and he told me then, that if he saw my face before him again, he would let the house get repossesed, i think he may have forgot who i was after all this time. Once the compensation comes through, the arrears will practically be nil, and the judge said the longer it takes to come through the better for us, as the interest will be quite a lot. So now i am going to be a good girl, and keep up the payments.

-- jane (, July 29, 2004

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