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Hey MV-ers,

I will be making some custom carbon fiber airbox covers, will be a cheaper alternative to MV SP ($1500 for full airbox) or Casoli ($350 ish)

This will just be a cover, not the entire airbox, something you can just peel, stick on, and get going with.

e-mail me if your interested, i'll put you on the mailing list for photos once i get the prototypes done.

-- ting (, July 28, 2004


I spoke to bridget ( who is listing an expanding range of carbon parts on ebay regularly about the airbox and am told that an airbox is planned in the near future. just an alternative if you want a cheaper full airbox as I am told she allready has air runners in development.

-- ed (, July 29, 2004.

Gday Ting where in the world are you trading fro

m? Regards Leif in Australia

-- Leif (, July 29, 2004.


Can you add me to the mailing list when you get your pictures done.



-- Mark M (, July 30, 2004.

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