what are the 3 best commercial espresso machines on the market today 2 group 220 volts

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I am looking to buy a referbished or new 2 group commercial espresso machine. Give me the reasons for the top 3 to 5 machines, and why. Thanks Dave.

-- David Cummings (nancyscoffeeshop@verizon.net), July 28, 2004


I wish someone would answer you because that is what I am researching now.

-- michelle marotti (marottifam@yahoo.com), August 10, 2004.

Cimbali: Built like a tank and priced like it Faema: Now that it is owned by Cimbali Nuova Simonelli: Great value, priced well with lots of support CMA (Astoria, Espressa, etc): Built like a tank and priced well Rancilio: Good, old company with tried and true technology

Lots of other good ones, though; stay away from the odd balls--if they look cheap, they are. Don't buy a Pavoni.

Good Luck

-- Michael Teahan (michael@espressoresource.com), August 11, 2004.

no such a thing like "the best" you can get the best machine in the world, but if you cant get cervice and parts in your area, you better live without it. ther is also a matter of "best" in what sence? design? quality of coffee, argonomic design, reliability, price? corrosion resistance, plasic parts, boiler capacity, welded boiler or with flange that is easier to clean it, when needed. quality of components;electro valves, pumps, groups, steam valves.. machines with stainless steel are prefferable, faema e-61 type of group produce ecellent coffee, boiler capacity of nothing less that 10 liter per 2 group machine.

-- evgi ram (mail @coffee-tech.com), August 13, 2004.

In this day and age you don't need to choose a machine that you can only get parts in your area. Choose the machine that you want and then order the parts online. One of the fastest to ship is http://www.coffeestuff.com/parts1.html

-- Eileen Traylor (eileen@outoftheboxonline.com), September 02, 2004.


I have had this same question answered for me many times. I ask the espresso machine question to find out what peoples motives are in the coffee business. Remember, I do not sell espresso machines nor do I own a coffee shop. Since the birth of Starbucks, it seems like everyone in or near the coffee business has an agenda. Some people favor machines that they have bought. The reason for this is to make them feel better about their purchase. Others who will answer you sell espresso machines and their opinions are corrupted. Their motive is more obvious, they want to sell you the machine that they market. I would do what I did (a little spying) to find a small commercial espresso machine. Go to a few coffee shops and look what they have. It will help if the barista is a "pro" and not a 16 year old, Starbucks graduate. Semi automatic machines are the best for a small coffee shop and they will give you less problems. Fully automatic machines are for people who aren't old enough to drink coffee much less, make an espresso. Now that I have said what I needed to say, I would look at the "RANCILIO" line of espresso machines. I have had a 2 group machine for 3 years now in my office and it makes about 40 to 60 pours a day with milk. I have never had a problem with this machine. Although, it seems to need a little more time than you would like to keep a full head of steam. This could be because I expect too much.



-- Robert Williams (gyroman@cox.net), September 07, 2004.

Thanks for all the infomation about this problem I have had, I have decided on a machine. Service is what it has come down to, I am going to buy an espresso machine from Boyds coffee company. They give 24/7 service and will replace the machine for up to one year if they can't fix it on the spot. After that they only charge for the part they replace, Thanks Dave.

-- David Cummings (nancyscoffeeshop@verizon.net), September 07, 2004.

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