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I have just discovered this link which is an investigation into malpractice by the OFT into Bradford & Bingley and they are looking for people who have suffered at B&B's hands.

It makes for very interesting reading and we are submitting my fiance's case to them today. The more of us that do this the better!

-- Chris (, July 28, 2004


Chris, Just to let you know I have shown the B/Bing have knowingly, deliberately and maliciously broken the court rules in my claim against them, and that two judges including a high court judge allowed them to break the court rules knowingly and deliberately.

I am asking in my new claim, (which the court refused to accept at first) as to why these two judges allowed the B/Bing to break the court rules, did the B/Bing have something on them?

Lord Justice Ward confirmed in his judgment that the B/Bing broke the court rules, he confirmed the documents and figures they used were false and did not exist on the B/Bing official paperwork.

It has taken the Financial Ombudsman from September of 2002 until the 6th of July 2004 to decide which part of my claim he will deal with, i have to wonder why it has taken them so long, i suppose it has nothing to do with the fact one of B/Bings senior directors sits on the Ombudsmans panel to help him with complaints, a fact they have admitted in a letter.

I understand there are many such other examples of court rules being broken by the Brad/Bing was your girl friend one of these.

I was sent false year end statements, statements allegedly showing credits had been made to my account on a certain day when in fact they admit now they were not, as there are no documents in existence to show this.

I have heard and been told of several times barristers for the Brad and Bing have broken court rules, and that judges have allowed them to do so, unfortunately no one is prepared to put it in writing as they fear the power of the society.

The court returned my file for my new claim stating it was an abuse of the system, when i asked that it be put before another judge, and that if this second judge refused to accept my claim form, i requested that the judge contain in their judgment the rule of the court, or the act which allowed judges, barristers and solicitors the right to break strict court rules. This time my claim was accepted.

If you know of anyone who has had similar problems perhaps they will contact me if they are prepared for me to use their evidence in court, of the B/Bing deliberately breaking court rules. Good luck.

Regards. R. Jenkins.

-- roy (, July 29, 2004.


Sorry for delay been off on leave. Brian, my other half is currently dealing with IBAS who say B&B are worst of all building societies to deal with. We are hoping that they may be able to negotiate a settlement for us as we have been dealing with B&B for about 3 years now and getting nowhere fast. According to IBAS B&B are on verge of taking him to court so we want to try and resolve a.s.a.p. Watch this space!

-- Chris (, August 18, 2004.

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