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I am trying to find passenger and death list of this wreck or anything connected with this train wreck. Thank you in advance.

-- Peggy Jones Chapman (, July 27, 2004


I can recall only two derailments in or near Macon. One was the Stone Creek derailment on the Southern and the other was a derailment of, I believe the Flamingo, at Loraine. The latter was on the CofGa line between Macon and Forsyth and 1 person died.

-- Carl Anderson (, August 04, 2004.


I think the dates you have are wrong - there were no railroads in the US before 1830.

The first railroad *survey* (as opposed to actual construction) in the Macon area was undertaken the middle 1820s.

The wreck must have happened no earlier than the 1830s or possibly 1840s- the Central Railroad and Canal Company of Georgia wasnít chartered until 1833 and construction on the Savannah-Macon section wasnít complete until about 1843


-- Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton (, August 04, 2004.

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