JVC GR-DVM70 shuts down and starts up for 15 mins. then fine

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When I power up my camcorder it will go on then shut down then start up then shut down for about 15 mins until it stays on. I had the video recorder checked by one of the reccommended tech shops but they were totally stumped. One thought was the switch was faulty but it should not keeep starting and shutting down. The previous owner had replaced the switch so that should not be the problem. Another thought was a capacitor hat needs to fill up with juice to function but the tech could not find a capacitor unless it is part of the board. The previous owner had replaced the main switch so that should not be the problem After the 15 mins the camera will perform normally and I can even turn it off for a bit until whatever loses its charge then we have to go over the whole thing again. Any thoughts??

Robert McLeod

-- Robert McLeod (mcrmcleod@yahoo.ca), July 26, 2004


I was getting ready to transfer some grandbaby videos this morning to VHS and experienced the same problem. I have left the unit "on" to see if it stabilizes after a while.

First time I've had the problem.

-- Dutch (jodo@mchsi.com), December 24, 2004.

the jvc model has an auto shutdown mode for humid situations...I actually read that it shuts down for an hour. I guess 15 minutes is better, but still a BIG hassle, eh?

not a big help...but at least you know it is built into the camera.

-- edward c (xfreelunch@terra.com.br), January 14, 2005.

We've had the same problem with our camera. We've also taken it snowmobiling in upstate New York. We have the shut down problem with cold temps as well. And I'm referring to 10 degrees +/-. Definitely will not accompany us on hunting trips to northern Canada or Alaska. It would stink to lose an opportunity to video a once-in-a-lifetime trip because the camera shuts down. We are very disappointed with it.

-- Liz Vasapolli (Lvasap@aol.com), January 19, 2005.

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