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While in Asheville recently I followed industral trackage running west from the west end of the main yard along the north side of the French Broad River then turning east to the village of Woodfin,where the line seemed to end. Was this a separate independent railroad at one time? Thanks, Dorr Tucker

-- Dorr Tucker (, July 25, 2004


The line was once known as the Asheville and Craggy Mountain Railroad and extended from the area around the Grove Park Inn to Woodfin. A bridge connected the line to the Southern Railroad At Craggy. This bridge was destoyed in the 1916 flood and was later rebuilt by SR.( Old piers still visible at low water) The line served the coal yard at Grace until recent years but Southern filed for abandonment several years ago. A local guy acquired the line with the hope of operating it as a small tourist line, but I doubt these efforts will produce.

-- Steve Hill (, July 27, 2004.

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