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wow... hanvt been here in a while.... no one comes here ever... maybe i should leave...? should i just be left to haunt an empty space...? *sigh* oh this sucks!

right, thats it. im leaving!

... ... ...

... ...


goodbye!!! oh btw, go on my website! um, no that wasnt ment to be a link... i cant do them... (the whole jet thing is somthing i did when i was younger, please excuse that n_n)

anyway... its been real! goodbye!

*walks off into a distant sunset*

-- Emiko (, July 25, 2004


so she's realy gone... wow, this place'll miss her... aww im sure she'll be back in a few weeks...maybe she's sprouted off to one of the final fantasey try saying that with a mouth full of corn... anyway, she's gone... i shall follow her and be annoying...

*follows miki off into a distant sunset*

hey emiko! wait up!!!

-- Seken (, July 25, 2004.

...actually, i cant leave -_- if i leave then this site will go unused for about a million years and that poor rootbeer guy will have to pay for it or watever! anyway i like it here, i can write random crap and no one minds! now i must learn html and stuff, i have about a bigillion zelda midis and stuff i cud put up here n_n

-- emiko (, July 25, 2004.

here ill do your link for you... Emiko's net comics,/a>!

-- andrew (, July 27, 2004.

hehe thanx! i wish i could learn HTML, im just to stupid to absorb it... hmm i think ill try right now :D

-- Emiko (, July 27, 2004.

dose this work?

-- Emiko (, July 27, 2004.

after all that... i havnt learned anything... stupid non-absorbant brain...

-- Emiko (, July 27, 2004.

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