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I Need a simple electrical diagram (re-lay and contactor type) for a 4 stop lift .any diagram will do I am trying to make a simple control panel Thanks QAMBERALI

-- Qamberali (, July 25, 2004


Hi There, First off who and where are you located and what type of elevator is this,what type of power ac dc voltage phase, type of doors,what type of relays are you using voltage ect,cable or hydro, what code are you using, what are you using for selector leveling units,ect. A well built relay controler can last 100 years verses the soild state stuff after 10 years the boards,software and drives start to breakdown and parts are hard to get.

-- Jim (, July 25, 2004.

hi . I need simple electrical diagram (relay and contactor type)for install reciver control (remote control ) for roller gate 220 volt. 3ph motor 1 1/2 hp , THANKS

-- fredy (, September 01, 2004.

Hi I don`t understand what do you mean?i need your responce concerning a simple electrical diagram(re-lay and contactor type) & how to conect with a motor.

-- kassahun gebreegziabher (, January 10, 2005.

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