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Your past and present Viet Leaders have committed too much crime

Your past and present Vietnamese leaders have been committing too many crimes against their own people, Laotians, Khmer Krom/Khmer Kandal and Chams. If your Vietnamese ancestors and your present leaders did/do not commit such too much crimes, there would be no you, Vietnamese boat people, Laotians, Khmer Krom/Khmer Kandal and Chams go to live everywhere on this planet. Am I right?

Look bad Karma (Sanskrit: Deed/action) is haunting your own people who have been brutally oppressed, intimidated, imprisoned, tortured and ill-treated by your ancestors and present leaders who are the worst violators of human rights on earth.

Look, you, perhaps, among many of your fellow countrymen, who risked their lives at sea to seek Freedom and better lives in the Third World. Many of them reached their goal, but many others were lost at sea by cyclone, and killed and raped by pirates. And there were many Vietnamese women and girls were brutally raped by Indonesian, Thai, Philippine and Malaysian pirate in South China Sea…etc. I’ve got documents on Videotape about Vietnamese women being rescued by the French marines from South China Sea. Am I right?

I am not writing to stir up hatred against Vietnamese, but I’m trying to let the world know about Cambodians who have been living under your ancestors’ oppression, intimidation, torture, colonialists/imperialists, hegemony-ism, expansionism and repetitive encroachment and conquering for century after century.

When Cambodians have a right to voice, you accuse us that we are xenophobia/racists against Vietnamese. That’s unfair accusation! As a Viet expatriate Bui Tin was an eyewitness to the invasion of Cambodia since day one in 1978. He was later in charge of forming the national press corps of Cambodia. In that capacity he attended many secret and high level meetings between the Vietnamese occupation authorities under the supervision of Le Duc Tho and General Le Duc Anh Commander of the occupation forces. The attachment to independence has been proven many times in the past and in the war in Vietnam. It requires long centuries of struggle, wars, pains and jolts for Vietnam to finally become the size of a dragon today." The purpose of this letter is not to stir up hatred between the Vietnamese and Cambodian people, but there is hardly any Cambodian voice raised in the defense of Cambodian people against Vietnamese imperialism without being accused of being cynical or worse still a racist. I am neither a politician nor a Vietnamese hater. I wish that the two neighbouring people could live as friends one day. But before that process of reconciliation can start Vietnam will have to stop its imperialist policy and must apologise to the Cambodian people, not the other way around... (- Naranhkiri Tith, Ph. D., SAIS The Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC back to headlines Phnom Penh Post, Issue 10/4, February 16 - March 1, 2001 © Michael Hayes, 2001. All rights revert to authors and artists)

Daily News Vietnam reportedly orders tighter control over Internet cafes By Agence France-Presse. August 07, 2002

Communist-ruled Vietnam has ordered a tightening of control over Internet cafes to prevent "poisonous" materials from being disseminated on the Web by critics of the regime, state media said Monday. The Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications has asked authorities in the country's provinces and cities to mete out severe punishment to those caught spreading dissent online, the Tin Tuc (News) daily reported. The department also has asked government ministries and agencies to compile a list of all banned Internet sites and services. Notoriously sensitive to criticism and fearful of its potential to stir up unrest, the authorities have maintained tight control over the Internet since the World Wide Web was introduced into the country in 1997. Firewalls block access to Web sites deemed objectionable, such as those of the emigre opposition. E-mail also is monitored regularly.

The new circular came less than two months after Prime Minister Phan Van Khai ordered authorities nationwide to prevent Internet cafe patrons from accessing pornography, "state secrets" or "reactionary documents." International human rights groups have long criticized Vietnam's censorship policies. In July, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists called on Vietnam to release dissidents Pham Hong Son and Le Chi Quang, who were both detained for writings they published on the Internet. Son was arrested in March for translating and circulating online a piece on democracy taken from a U.S. State Department Web site. Quang was arrested in February for posting on the Internet an essay critical of concessions granted to China in a 1999 border agreement. As of June, there were 175,000 registered Internet users in Vietnam, a 30 percent increase over 2001. But the actual number of people with online access, mainly via Vietnam's 4,000-plus Internet cafes, is estimated to be as many as 600,000 of its 79 million populace. Reported by Agence France-Presse.

Look, your ancestors (Ho Chi Minh) blatantly bullshited to the world:

P.4-Ho Chi Minh and the struggle for an Independent Vietnam William Warby, 1972

The Proclamation of Independence, which President Ho Chi Minh read to the assembled people of Hanoi on 2 September 1945, begins with the historic opening sentences of the American declaration of Independence:

"All men are created equal; they were endowed by their creator with certain unalienable right; among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

The Vietnamese proclamation then continues (In Part):

"The Immortal statement was made in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America in 1776. In a broader sense, this means: "All the people on the earth are equal from the Birth, all the People have a right to live, to be Happy and Free."

"The declaration of the French Revolution made in 1791 on the rights of Man and the Citizen also stated: "All men are Born Free and with equal rights, and must always remain Free and enjoy Equal rights.” “Those are undeniable truths."

May I ask you honestly from the bottom of my heart, “Are you and your Vietnamese people Free Now, and have equal rights to run away from your present ancestors’ oppression, imprisonment, torture…like this etc. to seek Freedom, Better lives and Equal Rights in USA, Australia, Canada and Japan…etc.?” Why are you and your family in USA? Your past and present ancestors can’t conceal any more their dirty plans against their own people, Khmer Krom/Khmer Kandal, Montagnards, Laotians and Chams. When you fart in water, you still smell ugly stink. Am I right?

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As America and Communist Vietnam gear up for normalisation of trade the Montagnard hill tribes face increased acts of genocide. This article will expose how for the last 25 years Hanoi has managed to elude Western criticism for being one of the "worst violators of human rights in Asia". Further the myths of communist Vietnam are exposed for exactly what they are: a regime relying on state perpetrated lies, enabling the genocide of the Montagnard hill tribes and the repression of human rights of all Vietnam's citizens.

The ability of Communist Vietnam's policies and (unfortunate) success in deflecting human rights criticism can be divided into two main categories. The first is "by playing on the guilt of the Vietnam War". The second is "by promoting myths and lies through its state controlled propaganda machine". In both these categories the Western media, governments, political organizations and international trade groups are also guilty of much complicity here by ignoring the massive human rights violations facing the citizens of Vietnam and genocide of the indigenous Montagnard hill tribes.

Thousands of Vietnamese people and Montagnards were killed by the Vietnamese government and over one million people imprisoned in forced labor camps since 1975. Repression is so widespread in Vietnam today that the communist government has become one of the worst violators of human rights in Asia. (A summary of these atrocities will be documented here.) Over the course of the last few months the communist security forces have enacted martial law throughout the central highlands - torturing and even executing hill tribe people, the security forces have also stepped up intimidation and repression of Buddhists all across the country.

The Western perspective: Many westerners when they think of Vietnam - conjure up images of Hollywood war movies and have somehow come to believe that Vietnam's problems ended with the war years ago. They often believe the Vietnamese people united together in a concerted effort to kick out the Americans in order to welcome communism. Even more discerning is the idea that since 1975 - Vietnamese society "came right" and that all is basically fine under the communist government. Westerners often talk of just forgetting the Vietnam War and often feel some misguided notions of guilt and therefore ignore Vietnam's current crimes against humanity. These myths are perpetrated and exploited by Hanoi even today and the Vietnamese people continue to suffer under a regime run by a minority of power hungry communists intent on eliminating the race of indigenous Montagnard hill tribes and repressing everyone from Buddhists to human rights activists.

These myths and propaganda are identified here in a attempt to educate the world - particularly those persons who may unwittingly find themselves contributing to Vietnam's continued repression of human rights by relying on Hanoi's misrepresentation of history. Myth One: North Vietnam won the Vietnam War through a united effort by the Vietnamese people. The reality is often neglected, in that prior to 1975 Vietnam was actually divided into "two separate countries". Many people forget the significance of this as much of Vietnam’s population fought against the communists. The contribution of South Vietnam to fighting against communism is primarily overlooked and it must be remembered that over 230,000 South Vietnamese soldiers and countless civilians died fighting against the North Vietnamese communists.

North Vietnam was a military regime controlled by a minority of Vietnamese people and the communists invaded South Vietnam only after all American combat forces left the country and aid was cut to South Vietnam. American combat troops also were never defeated on the battlefield. There was a period of over two full years from when US soldiers left and when North Vietnam actually took over the south. It must be remembered that the images of the fall of Saigon involved US Embassy personnel and advisors only and that American soldiers had long left the country. By 1973 the US Congress began cutting aid to South Vietnam while China and the Soviet Union increased millions of dollars in aid and military hardware to North Vietnam.

There are two key words in this myth perpetrated by Hanoi. The first is "won" and the other is "united". The facts of history are however, clear - that North Vietnam did not win on the battlefield. While one can see they took over South Vietnam - the actual credit for invading South Vietnam should go to communist China and the former Soviet Union. Actual military victories were virtually non-existent for the North Vietnamese army and Viet Cong. In reality the North Vietnamese Army took over South Vietnam not through a united Vietnamese front but by relying on support from other communist regimes. It is a fact of history that North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam only with the massive injection of arms, aid and military hardware supplied by China and the former Soviet Union, while simultaneously the US Congress cut its aid to South Vietnam.

The stark reality is that Vietnam became a chess game of the cold war. North Vietnam did not win by any united front or by the will of the people, nor did they win by kicking out American soldiers. America left on its own accord. The Vietnamese people and hill tribe Montagnards would however, all suffer dearly by the communist regime.

Myth Two: North Vietnam and the Viet Cong had support of the people and were benevolent towards its people during the Vietnam War The Media has somehow focused on US atrocities committed in Vietnam and neglected the mass murder, re-education camps, genocide of the hill tribe Montagnards and countless war crimes committed by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong. The vast number of atrocities committed by the communists however, were result of direct policies by the communist authorities and have been conveniently forgotten by the Hanoi government.

Notably, the biggest mass murder of civilians during the Vietnam War was not committed by American troops - but by communist troops during the siege of Hue in 1968. The infamous massacre at My Lai is dwarfed in comparison by this communist massacre as approximately 3000 Vietnamese people were executed by communist troops and found in a mass grave after American and South Vietnamese soldiers recaptured the city from the communists.

The murder and harassment of villagers, enslavement of Montagnard hill tribes and brutal use of death threats by North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops actually were so widespread that is it estimated thousands of civilians died at the hands of communist troops. The Viet Cong is reported to have assassinated 33, 052 village officials and civilians during the course of the war. Again, Communists in North Vietnam were a minority of the population who controlled the people through terror and intimidation. True, it was also practice under the CIA phoenix program to eliminate communists but it was a policy by communist troops to intimidate and murder "innocent" villagers both Vietnamese and Montagnard. The communists would enslave the Montagnard hill tribe people of the central highlands to work for the Viet Cong and would murder thousands of these unfortunate hill tribe people. In one example as reported by Anthropologist Gerald Hickey, Viet Cong troops used flamethrowers to murder an entire village of Montagnard people. These acts of brutality were so common that it is impossible to quantify them here.

By the end of the Vietnam War however, over 250,000 Montagnard hill tribe people died as result of the Vietnam War. This brutality enacted towards the hill tribes however, is one of the main reasons why over 40,000-hill tribe Montagnards had joined with the US Army in the fight against the communists.

One cannot openly dismiss the suffering and injuries committed by either side of the Vietnam war, whether committed by North or South Vietnam, American, Australian or Korean soldiers. However the main issue to remember here is that the communists were also responsible for excessive amounts of atrocities and in most cases the instigator behind such war crimes. Further by relying on propaganda that only Americans committed such acts, Hanoi has managed to limit their true role in committing war crimes. Thus they are able to perpetuate ongoing human rights abuses today - some 25 years after the war ended.

Thus communists by minimizing their role in murder and war crimes of the Vietnamese war have managed quite successfully to "play on American guilt" and manage to deflect criticism of their continued use of human rights violations today. Myth Three: The communist government of Vietnam brought peace and justice to Vietnam and has support of the Vietnamese people today.

After 1975 the communists ordered thousands upon thousands of Vietnamese people to attend re-education camps. The communists conducted a classic trick by stating re-education would be for 30 days only. But once Hanoi got the Vietnamese people into their concentration camps they kept them there for long prison terms - as much as 20 years. Over one million people were imprisoned by communist Vietnam. The conditions were brutal - starvation, executions and torture were commonplace. The Montagnard hill tribes were also rounded up - their leaders shot or forced to slave to death in labor camps. The Montagnard Senator under the South Vietnamese government Mr. Ksor Rot - was publicly executed with a bullet in the back of his head in 1975. This was done as a warning to the Montagnard hill tribes. The Montagnard Minister Mr. Nay Luett was killed in a North Vietnamese prison camp. It is rumored that the North Vietnamese camp commander cut the top of his head off with a saw while he was still alive. Unbelievably the Communist government operated these concentration camps for years without much criticism from the west. By disguising the concentration camps under the misleading name of "re-education camps" is further proof of how Hanoi managed to keep this atrocity hidden for many years. Please remember the fact that the brutal death camps of Hanoi were called "re-education camps" to mislead the west. The name however, made no difference to the estimated 165,000 people who died there.

In August 2001 the Vietnamese government admitted to imprisoning over 23,000 people in these camps. The real figure is much higher however. Today any Vietnamese person who criticises the Vietnamese government is subject to arrest and imprisonment. Vietnamese security forces will arrest, torture and even murder its citizens who criticize the government. In 1988 a Vietnamese women was arrested for distributing democracy leaflets. The Vietnamese security forces tortured her and broke her legs and blinded her.

Today the Vietnamese authorities still continue with such actions and even have laws allowing them to arbitrarily arrest people for peaceful activities (Decree 31/CP). In the year 2001 numerous Buddhist Monks remain under detention and Montagnards are tortured with electric cattle prods. Human rights violations in Vietnam continue unabated. While it is impossible to report them all we hope that you will see the depth of repression in Vietnam from the points illustrated below:

Genocide of the Montagnards (Degar people) and repression of Buddhists and Vietnamese people Since 1975 communist Vietnam has killed and worked to death over 160,000 people and imprisoned over one million of its people in forced labor camps. Some of these camps still operate today in the year 2001.

Since 1975 the communist government of Vietnam has systematically persecuted the indigenous Montagnard hill tribes of the Central Highlands by execution, torture, religious repression, confiscation of ancestral lands, forced and coerced sterilisations and official discrimination. Untold thousands of people were killed by the government.

In February 2001 the communist authorities enacted a military crackdown in the Central Highlands involving tanks, helicopter gunships and over 13 regiments of soldiers to repress Christian Montagnards. And communist security forces sealed off the central highlands from human rights organizations and journalists. They began a renewed terror campaign against the Montagnard hill tribes, resulting in executions, mass torture and repression of Christian Montagnards through intimidation, disappearances and arrests.

In March 2001 the communist authorities offered bounties for the capture of Montagnard refugees who were fleeing torture, arrest and execution by security forces to Cambodia (Reported by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Refugees International and numerous news agencies). Vietnamese security forces continue repression - The BBC reported the burning of Christian Churches in Gia Lia province. Montagnard Foundation reports executions and hundreds of cases of torture and beatings.

In March 2001 the US State Department calls on Vietnam to allow diplomats and observers to monitor the situation of martial law in the central highlands and the numerous allegations of human rights violations.

In April 2001 the Vietnamese authorities arrested and deported a Norwegian Minister of parliament Mr. Lars Rise for trying to speak to Vietnamese Buddhists who are under surveillance by Vietnamese security forces.

In April 2001 - Vietnamese human rights activists - the Vietnam Committee for Human Rights - condemns Vietnam for persecuting and arresting Buddhists in Vietnam at the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva.

In April 2001 the BBC and AFP report mass poisonings of over 200 Montagnard children. The Montagnard Foundation reports these are carried out by Vietnamese security forces in order to terrorize the Montagnard population. In May 2001 Amnesty International issued a Emergency Action Appeal for Christian Montagnards who were forcibly returned to Vietnamese security forces by Cambodian Authorities (bounty hunters).

In May 2001 the United Nations steps up security measures to protect Christian Montagnards in Cambodia refugee camps as Vietnamese security forces are operating inside Cambodia to capture refugees.

In May 2001 the International Commission of Religious Freedom in the United States condemned Vietnamese repression of Religious Freedom and called for aid restrictions by enacted against Vietnam.

In June 2001 UNICEF reports that Vietnam's ethnic minority children are suffering disproportionate levels of poverty.

In June 2001 Mr. Olivier Dupius member of European parliament was arrested and deported from Vietnam for trying to speak to Buddhist Monks.

In July 2001 the European Parliament issued a Resolution condemning Religious Persecution in Vietnam with specific reference to the repression of Montagnards in Vietnam.

In July 2001 US Congressmen Introduced the Vietnam Human Rights Bill and concurrent Resolution 178 concerning the repression of human rights in Vietnam and systematic persecution of the Montagnard hill tribes.

In July 2001 the International Commission of Jurists issued a report concluding the Vietnamese government has committed systematic human rights violations against the Montagnard people since 1975 namely; executions, torture, confiscation of ancestral lands and religious persecution.

In July 2001 Human Rights Watch Reported issued an urgent report condemning Vietnam's persecution of Montagnards and the human rights violations they face if returned to Vietnam from refugee camps in Cambodia.

In August 2001 the Vietnam Committee for Human Rights condemned Vietnam's record of persecution before the UN Committee for Elimination of Racial Discrimination in Geneva.

In August 2001 the Montagnard Foundation asked the United Nations sub-commission of Human Rights to take emergency action regarding Vietnam's persecution of Montagnard Hill tribes and end the military crackdown and torture.

In September 2001 the Vietnamese security forces continue arresting and persecuting Montagnard Christians and Vietnamese Buddhists.

In September 2001 Human Rights Watch called for international donors to suspend aid to Vietnam over increased persecution of Buddhists and increased human rights violations in Vietnam.

The strategy of Communist Vietnam: "selective guilt" of the Vietnam War. The communist government basically uses "selective guilt of the Vietnam War" when convenient to their regime. For example they will only raise the issue of Agent Orange and US bombings when accusations of human rights are raised against them. Never, never, do they confront Westerners with allegations of human rights violations when they are in business deals with westerners or when they want millions of dollars of foreign aid. A classic example of this occurred in May 2001during the so-called "Senator Kerry affair". Earlier this year in 2001 Senator Kerry of Massachusetts revealed his military unit had been involved in some killings of innocent Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War. The US media carried much coverage of this event and the issue created much controversy. During this time however, while the media was concentrating on events committed by Americans some 25 years ago - the Hanoi government was in the middle of torturing Montagnard hill tribes and burning Christian Churches. The Christian Montagnard hill tribes were facing an increased military crackdown. Over 13 thousand soldiers had occupied the traditional lands of the hill tribes in order to repress these people. It is unknown exactly how many died as Vietnam sealed off the region so its security forces could operate without media criticism. Human Rights Watch reported torture and killings by security forces.

While the media was focusing on Senator Kerry's event of 25 years ago the communist authorities were hunting Montagnard refugees -beating them and torturing them with electric prods. Unbelievably the communist authorities even placed bounties for the capture of Christian Montagnards who were fleeing the dreaded security forces. Those lucky to escape execution and torture have made it to refugee camps in Cambodia. All these events have been reported by Human Rights Watch, Refugees International, Amnesty International and US Congressional Resolution 178.

In August 2001 Vietnam also rejected the United Nations proposals for the safe return of Montagnard refugees. The fate of over 500 Montagnard refugees still remains in doubt in September 2001. What will happen to these indigenous people is unknown, but those returned to Vietnam have been imprisoned and tortured. Credible reports indicate that Vietnam has tortured some of these people to death.

However, what was Vietnam's response to Senator Kerry's events of 25 years ago? Hanoi said - Don't worry about it - Lets put the past behind us. Foreign Ministry Spokeswomen, Phan Thuy Thann said "We think the best way for Mr. Kerry, as well as those Americans who fought in Vietnam to find peace in their minds is to have concrete and practical actions contributing to the healing of war wounds they had created in Vietnam." It sounds noble doesn't it. But the truth is there was something much more important to communist Vietnam at the time than forgiveness or peace. In fact Hanoi's response had nothing to do with forgiveness. It was to do with trade. You see America and Vietnam were in the middle of trade negotiations. Hanoi desperately wanted the US to grant them normal trade status. In August 2001 the House ratified the US - Vietnam trade agreement under much pressure from the US trade lobby. But getting back to Senator Kerry...what was Hanoi really saying to Senator Kerry? Hanoi really was saying "We don't give a damn about what happened 25 years ago Mr. Senator - just get the trade treaty signed so our corrupt government can make money."

Conclusion: two million communists control 77 million Vietnamese. It must be remembered that the Vietnamese and Montagnard people (and other ethnic groups) did suffer greatly under years of war - the French Indochina War, the American Vietnam War and (what has been largely ignored by the world) the current repression under the Hanoi regime. Importantly however, it must be remembered that the Vietnamese citizens and Montagnard hill tribes continue to suffer today in the year 2001.

The international community must not however, be blinded by "a selective use of guilt" of the American Vietnam War to appease communist policy. Human rights and the preservation of the Montagnard race must take precedence over such misrepresentations of history. The people of Vietnam - both the Vietnamese people and its numerous minorities and its indigenous people must not be ignored.

If real justice and real peace shall ever be brought to the Vietnamese people then the international community must assist in bringing about an end to human rights violations in Vietnam.

The message here is not to encourage outright rejection of the Vietnamese government or an attempt to seek revenge on the communists, by any means. It is however, an attempt to educate the west and trade lobby in order to bring about real justice for Vietnam. Further it is an attempt to save the Montagnard hill tribes from extinction and genocide. What should be remembered is that the west should not join hands with Hanoi under the false knowledge that Vietnam is a benevolent nation. The West should make extra efforts to ensure that human rights remains a serious condition before trade benefits are extended to Vietnam and all oppressive regimes.

The West should remember today that there are only two million communists who control Vietnam's total population of 77 million people. If this doesn't convince the West to take human rights seriously in Vietnam - then just beware that in April 2001 the Hong Kong based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy group (PERC) rated Vietnam as the most corrupt nation in Asia. in other words: beware - your investment money or aid money will be embezzled and stolen by every corrupt official and corrupt communist party member along the way.

How to Con the West out of Money: Bear in mind that Communist authorities in Vietnam will repeatedly -over and over and over - act with the same strategy to con the Westerner. The strategy is very simple. First: Hanoi will flatly deny all human rights allegations. (Perhaps even pretend not to understand and feign their government is being insulted.) Second: They will then play on the guilt of the Vietnam war and talk about forgiveness and change the topic of current human rights abuses to ones that happened years ago. Third: They will talk about moving on to forgiveness - they will smile and show politeness and talk about moving to the future. But be assured that the most corrupt nation in Asia - will secretly laugh later when they have secured what they want.

Do not take our word for this however; just asks one of the thousands of Vietnamese people who suffered under the communist regime. Ask one of the boat persons who fled Vietnam by the thousands in the late 1970s. I would say ask the Buddhist Monks named Thich Huyen Quang or Thich Quang Do. Ask the Montagnard hill tribe people who are in the prison. But you can't because the Buddhist Monks have been under house arrest and imprisoned for over two decades and the Montagnard hill tribe people are chained to the floor in underground cells at the old radio station in Ban Ma Thuot.

You could ask the Montagnard women H'Boc Eban who tried to escape to Cambodia this year. But you cannot because the Vietnamese security forces captured her and tortured her with electric prods so many times she was unable to speak. Her three children were also imprisoned with her and their whereabouts are unknown.

The US Congress recently introduced the Vietnam Human Rights Act to Congress to coincide with enactment of normalized trade relations between Vietnam and the United States. Vietnam is however, vehemently opposed to this human rights act. Why? Why is Vietnam opposed to human rights? The answer is simple "Communist Vietnam wants the benefits of western trade deals and business but they do not want to relinquish control over its citizens". Communist Vietnam is also afraid the world will openly discover how their regime has oppressed its people and committed genocide against a vanishing race of hill tribe people.

The plea here however, is simple - please do not be fooled by those who say human rights are secondary to trade and business. Importantly please do not be mislead by Hanoi into believing trade and business is all about forgiveness. Hanoi has for the last 25 years done nothing but persecute the hill tribes and repress freedoms of the Vietnamese people. These are facts. Please remember that in the last few months many people have died and many been tortured. Please ensure human rights for all Vietnam's citizen’s remains a priority and that the genocide of one of Asia's oldest indigenous people - the Montagnards - is stopped before it’s too late.

What would the Montagnard mother H'Boc Eban say about human rights - if she could speak freely today? Make sure human rights remains a priority before Hanoi is rewarded with trade benefits - please endorse the Vietnam Human rights Act.

You trust in God/Buddha, one day Vietnamese will surely lose everything your past and present ancestors have robbed from Cambodians. We are not living back in the Stone Age. We are living in Modern Nuclear Age. About 1 and 2 million Israelis/Jews who could claim their land back from Arabs, which was lost 2000 years ago through UN. Now, look, Khmer Krom was accepted into UNPO in 2001. East Timores who could recently free themselves from 200 million Indonesians through UN. Russia is one of the most powerful nations on earth, but was completely collapsed. The Next one, I am for sure, is the Vietnamese when Russia pulls out her troops from Vietnam in a few years.

Ps: Drop me a line/invite me to your party on my e-mail when Vietnam is collapsed.

-- Nong Duc Manh (, July 25, 2004




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