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Vietnamese hid behind the KILLING FIELD! Posted by Visitor on 2002-12-29 23:57:11

Vietnamese hid behind the KILLING FIELD! Proof, profile and consequence! …

In Cambodia, the new Chinese immigrants have been very numerous and active in all forms of economic activities. Although, Chinese have always been well integrated into the Cambodian society, this new wave of immigrants has created some concerns among Cambodians as they might represent potential comp .. …..


According to François Ponchaud, author of " Year zero ", the pillage of Cambodia starts as soon as when arrived of the Khmer Rouge = Vietnamese in Phnom-Pehn, but this author speaks about this as the cleaning of the symbol of the occident. But if that is right, Is Khmer Rouge has to empty automatic in Vietnam?????

Quote-one: " You Kim Lanh, referred to above, testifies some: " I remained one month in Phnom Penh to work for the Khmer Rouges. I was to excavate all the houses and to collect remained the rice there, to store the drugs coming from various pharmacies. We charged all that in boats whose CREW WAS VIETNAMESE Yeri Savannary, professor, taken refuge in Thailand about 15.10.1975, confirm the preceding account indirectly: " From the end April, of the trucks made ceaseless rotations on the road "National 1" driving to Saigon; they transported the television-radio, motor bikes, cycles of all marks, bicycles, drugs packed up and weapons of all categories. Close to Neak Luong, approximately two hundred vehicles waited to cross the Mekong; there was in particular of Mercédès and the 404. There were also three or four guns of 105 mm and three trucks of drugs. ALL LEFT FOR VIETNAM" (P. Ponchaud)

ELIMINATION MASSIVE OF KHMER SYMBOL AND PATRIMONY (an extract of the book “Year Zero by F. Ponchaud)

Lao Bun Thai, mechanic, 23 years olds, taken refuge in October 1975,have worked until May 15 in Phnom Penh, confirmed: I saw, of my own eyes, several trucks, filled to the brim with books, to pass in front of the embassy of France and to gain north indeed. I also saw burning on the lawn volumes of the library of the cathedral. The library of the French School of the Far East, located at a few hundred meters of the embassy underwent a fate similar on May 5 in morning. It did not contain much any more of treasures, because essence had been put in safety in France.

The few diplomats of accredited socialist countries with Phnom Penh find the life hard: they cannot leave their embassy. Three times per day, a jeep bring their meal to them; they have any distraction, no personnel with their service, wash themselves their linen, etc " Every two weeks, Friday, a plane of the Chinese CCAC makes it possible to the foreign diplomats to go to take a bowl of air and freedom in Peking... SINCE September 1976, THEY CAN ALSO USE THE NEW AIR LINE CONNECTING FROM Phnom Penh TO HANOI” Only one newspaper in Khmer’s language of four pages, Padévath (Revolution), appears every fifteen during the days and diffuse only the news conceiving the construction of the country. (By F. Ponchau) At that period those who live in the East, the border Vietnamese, often saw on stolen planes of Kampuchea towards Vietnam.

Between the 09.12.1978-23.12.1978, the American journalists, Mrs Elizabeth BECKER, author of book " Tear of Kampuchea " and her two other colleges, Richard DZIMAN and Malcolm CALD WELL, were invited to Phnom-Penh. They were accompanied to visit Toul-Sleng, but as Mrs Elizabeth BECKER saw the register of the prisoners, she was very surprised to see the names of leaders of the Communist Party Kampuchea who were also imprisoned, tortured, confessed wrongly according to what Pol-Pot want them to confessed. (By Mrs Elizabeth BECKER) …. /. In May 1977, 400 formers Khmers Rouge TENDING Khmer were captures and sent to Toul Sleng, they were been forced TO CONFESS AS VIETNAMESE agents secretes. At 22.12.1977, the journalist, Malcolm CALD WELL, was assassinated in his hotel in Phnom-Penh, because he probably saw what one should not see, and which quicken besides the departure of Elizabeth BECKER and Richard DZIMAN. (By Mrs Kim Thi Ui, Khmer Krom, ex former Vietnamese’s agent before becoming a worker of Son Ngok Thanh.. so she was the former of the Troop Kansean Sar, led by Son Ngok Thanh)

" Selon les estimations des services de renseignements américains, à l'époque du coup d'Etat, les Khmers rouges avaient moins DE TROIS MILLE HOMMES ET FEMMES SOUS LES ARMES. Peu de ces guérilleros avaient subi un entraînement militaire sérieux, et ils étaient rarement regroupés en unités plus importantes que la section. Leur connaissance du marxisme-léninisme était superficielle, et les aspects internationaux du mouvement échappaient à la plupart d'entre eux. Au début de 1970, ils étaient éparpillés en petites bandes dans les régions frontalières boisées des provinces de Kompong Speu, Kampot, Battambang, Kratie, et dans le Nord-Est du Cambodge". (DAVID P CHANDLER) ! We just wonder,

How can these few person could control the hold country? So those who control Cambodian and Pol-Pot were Vietnamese, disguised in Khmer-Rouge or Khmer rouge tendency Vietnamese


" A few days later, Pol. Pot accepted a team of television of the American chain ABC. It benefitted from the occasion to launch a call to the assistance; it was necessary to drive out the Vietnamese out of Kampuchea, where those, declared it, carried out a " war of genocide racial ". In a revealing passage, pol. Pot added that it found them worse than Hitler: " Hitler killed the Jews and those which were opposed to him. But Vietnamese kills those which are opposed to him, and of innocent which does not want to join him "( Said Pol. Pot) ….. …. …Salot Sar want to be Someone by offering his service to Vietnamese! (DAVID P CHANDLER) .

Saloth Sar was invaluable for the Vietnameses because it had bonds at the same time with the urban Kampuchean elite, the Democrats, and the Communists French Its lack of claim, the years spent to France and its desire to learn compensated for its not very brilliant studies, the privileged relations of its family and her thin knowledge of the Marxism-Leninism. While going on the border Vietnamese to offer her services, it had preceded certain comrades more qualified than it had known in France, in particular Ieng Sary, Hou Youn and Thioun Mumm, as well as the progressists of Phnom Penh, who were still wary of Communism or did not want to take risks.


As usual, some brainwashes Khmer’s leaders used to practice abused/unfound accusation to serve their interest. So far even Hun sen has accused thousands of innocent Khmer whom he don't like or who dare contest against him as Khmer Rouge while he want to kill them. As Hun sen or else Polpot has used this kind of trickery to eliminate whom he don't want, even his old friends. Unfortunately this method served only Youns of their crime. From who Polpot got such idea? May be from Staline or Maos or simply from Ho Chi Minh, Pam Van don or Pam Van Bar? His masters

According to many sources, Indochina will compose with 90% of Vietnamese and 10% of other race that Vietnamese consider as minority in their NEW STATE, so all Native Khmer that Vietnamese will keep alive to plan the rice plantation to feed Vietnamese


Pol.-Pot is an abbreviation of the English word mean " Politic Potential ", such is the political nickname of ex-Saloth Sar which Hanoi and China allotted to him./ In his youth, Pol Pot worked on a rubber plantation and spent two years studying to become a Buddhist monk. DURING THE WORLD WAR II, Pol-Pot JOINED THE ANTI-FRENCH RESISTANCE MOVEMENT OF Ho Chi Minh. By 1946, HE WAS MEMBER OF THE UNDERGROUND INDOCHINESE COMMUNISTE PARTY? AND IN 1949 , he won a scholarship to study radio electronics in Paris. (By Jørgen Wouters

During the seven years which followed its departure of Phnom Penh, Saloth Sar carried out an existence of fugitive, hiding in camps of fortune of the east and the North-East of Kampuchea. It knew only one period of respite in 1965-1966, when he Stayed eleven months in North-Vietnam and in China. Pol-Pot has spend several stays like in Vietnam between 1963-1970, often alone with Vietnamese’s Leaders (DavidG.Chandler) …. ….. From June 1965 at September 1966 Saloth Sar, Keo Meas, and several other Kampuchean Communists, whose Um Neng (VI), old of Prachacheon, went to the North-Viêt-nam and to China. The wife of Ieng Sary, Khieu Thirith, affirmed in 1981 that her husband and itself belonged to the delegation, but that appears not very plausible. /. Saloth Sar and his comrades had probably been convened by the Vietnameses to discuss the climbing of the war and the role growing that the Kampuchean Communists would have to play It was necessary to develop the tactics, as well as a suitable political line. Moreover, the Vietnameses wanted certainly to have a better idea of the successor of Tou Samouth; the Kampuchean Communists who had taken refuge in NordViêt-nam in 1954-1955 and in the following years were them also eager to become acquainted with Saloth Sar, then old of 37 years . / . In Hanoi, the members of the delegation were accomodated with the largest respect. Saloth Sar gave for his associated Vietnamese of the conferences on the situation in Kampuchea; he also tackled " the problem of the name of the party " (David G. Chandler)


During Pol-Pot regime a few Vietnamese were been killed by some ignorance Khmer rouge tending Khmer who didn’t understand the politics of Pol-Pot that why: to avoid from possible SMUDGE ON VIETNAMESE “In April 1975 and April 1977, Pol Pot had driven out about 20000 Vietnamese from Cambodia to Vietnam” (F. Pochaud) These Vietnamese were return back to Cambodia since 1979… Other group was former Khmer rouge HUN SEN, HENG SAMREN, CHEA SIM….and other group was former Viet-Minh, Pen SOVANN’s group….. All are Vietnamese and Vietnamese’s dog. “ IF POL POT IS REALLY HOSTILE WITH VIETNAMESE WHY HE DID NOT MASSACRE ALL THESE VIETNAMESE FOR HE HAS ALL THE POWER TO KILL THEM IF HE WANTED TO….” but not on the contrary, these Vietnamese were been well treated by Pol-Po’s army during their tripe to Vietnam, during many Khmer are suffer, hungry to die and massacred by Pol Pot … … …………. …………/ . In an interview, many Khmer’s student asked Hun Sen why there too much immigrates Vietnamese settle anarchical in Cambodia.. Hun Sen replied :“Them, they are the Vietnamese evacuated in year 1975 and 1977 and they are back to Cambodia”!!!???? "Visitor"

-- Nong Duc Manh (, July 25, 2004

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