Diablo/Corsa... Tire pressure Recommendations?

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I know this subject has been answered before but I can't seem to find it... Just installed Diablo's on the F4 and I thought I remembered somebody (or everybody) saying that they work best with higher pressures...

Opinions? What are you guys doing?


-- Pirate (Pirate@acelink.net), July 24, 2004


Pirreli recommends street pressures, for a starting point, 34 front and 31 rear. I have been running 35/32 to help stabilize them. The Pirellis tend to run "looser" then the Dunlops or the Michelins. Some people prefer the feeling of sliding the bikes into the corners to help identify the break point. I am not sure what you were running or how hard you ride, but if your chassis was set up for one of the other tires, you may have to make some adjustments. By the way, I was told that the track pressures are 31/ 29. I have not done a track day on them yet so I can't say if I love them or hate them, but I have learned a great deal about the MV chassis set up as a result. I hope this helps to some degree.

-- Cali-Kane (mvagusta@sbcglobal.net), July 24, 2004.

I've put 4000 miles on my MV Agusta and all of them using these tires. I was also an AMA racer for many years. I raced exclusivly on these tires for several years. I see no reason to go beyond the recomended 31 front 29 rear unless you are taking a pasenger, in which case you may want to run 31 in the rear. If you are overly concerned with tire wear you could run 30 in the rear "one up" but, I wouldn't. These tires are the obvious choice for those riders that frequently go out on 3-10 mile rides around town as they heat up much quicker then say Dunlop or Michelin. Keeping that in mind why bump up tire preasure therby giving up not only the some of the quicker heat up time but, you're also giving up that softer sidewall that gives you added suspension. POOR SUSPENSION IS THE MV's MOST OBVIOUS WEAKNESS. If you've gone to great leangths to address the suspension problem you may want to use Dunlops. I grafted Ohlins FG750 forks and a Penske shock on my F4 and noticed the stiffer springs and added dampening worked poorly with the softer sidewall particularly in the rear at speeds over 100mph. Best of luck and hope I was of some help.

-- Sean Crane (buyordieunlimited@hotmail.com), July 26, 2004.

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