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Perhaps this is a stretch, has any one paddle or rowed a large 20 or 22 foot Freighter Canoe? Looking at a square stern to accept a motor for those "lazy" times. Any info would be helpful, Thanks.

-- Tim ' (, July 22, 2004


I have, but only with another person. Empty it sits high out of the water and was blown around the lake easily. Full it holds a lot of camping gear. We used dual plywood boxes on runners in the two hold sections. Not my first choice unless you are lake paddling for extended trips. And then an 18 is usually big enough.

An alternative to a square stern is a side motor mount. It's a smaller moter but a canoe doesn't need much. Electric are great for single day trips, 1 battery seems to last about 4 hrs. (Get a deep cycle gel and save your clothes.)


-- Gary Powell (, July 23, 2004.

I have travelled extensively on the BC coast from Alaska to Vancouver over the last 16 years in a 23 ft freighter(and motor), it is a great way to explore remote beachs and islands. It allows you to cover distance yet beach the boat any where. We have 4 kids so it was the only way to beach camp when they were younger. I built them, because I could not find a supplier when I started, I have ended up building 3 of the large ones measurements:...23ft long....70inches wide......26deep.....45inches at the bow...hull wieght 230lbs to 270lbs depending on the design. peter

-- peter osberg (, November 06, 2004.

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