What ever happened to Ken Perry?

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He's a graphic artist who was active in the Bay Area c. 1980. Does anyone know of a gallery still selling his prints?

-- aubergine (rednaxeia@yahoo.com), July 21, 2004


We are also wondering~! Any luck finding Ken?

-- kayleen lewis (lewiskayep@aol.com), September 15, 2004.

We are wondering the value of one of his signed editions that we have so were wondering if he is still around as well

-- Jack Mullins (writeadvan@cox.net), September 29, 2004.

I am seeking any information possible on Ken Perry as well! I have one of his watercolors, entitled "Woman In A Vineyard." Would love to have biographical info if possible. At the time he lived at 1495 Shotwell St. SF.

-- David Towles (towles@mindspring.com), October 16, 2004.

I never knew he did any watercolors; I'd love to see a JPEG if you happen to have one. Can you remember where you bought it?

Speaking of JPEGs, if anyone is inspired to create an online gallery for ole Ken, I'd be happy to contribute JPEGs of his prints that I own, namely 'Aubergine', 'Carmel Bay Company'(tulips), 'Drucker/Vincent Poster Makers' (peacock), and 'I'm A Gift' (orchids).

-- aubergine (rednaxeia@yahoo.com), October 16, 2004.

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