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I am a college student about to graduate, and am looking to start a business, preferably one that I will enjoy. Since in college, I have learned to love coffee and have worked in espresso shops before. I was wondering what are the necessary steps to establish a well known business including; location, prices, overall cost,supply list, and also the given time until you make your money back. Any suggestions for an upcoming adult in the real world?

-- Natalie Downing (, July 21, 2004


The first thing you do is go out and do your homework stop asking other people for the answers. It is your job to get first hand answers and once you have done that you will network with people that can help you. All the questions that you are are asking is moot when it come to putting it to practice. This is not a fly by nite easy business. DO YOUR HOMEWORK

-- (, July 21, 2004.

All your questions can be answered at!

-- Greg Comer (, January 04, 2005.

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