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I've had my MV with Casoli open pipes written off due to some twat on another bike overshooting a bend and took me out. (See this months Superbike mag ). Just to fill the gap while I'm recovering....I still have the original standard pipes in my garage. I remember sometime back that one of you wrote a memo on how to get the ends off yourself, and refill using larger cross drilled pipe and new packing etc. Can anybody tell me how to do this ? ready for my new MV....once I get the go ahead from the wife that is! Many thanks

-- Carl (, July 18, 2004


Yeah, I saw the letter in Superbike. Bad news man, hope you get sorted out pretty quick. Lots of dickheads who can't ride out there unfortunately. A mate of mine got forced off track at the Ring recently by a twat on an R1, typically he had to be a brit.

You can now buy the silver RG3 end cans from MV Special parts, they come as a kit with packing and everything, so it might be worth investigating whether its worth fitting to the standard cans. Don't know if they do the bronze ones or how much they cost mind.

All the best.

-- Craig (, July 18, 2004.

It's easy to remove the tips. Just take a small pin punch and knock the center pins on the pop rivets in toward the center of the tips. Then take a 1/8" diameter drill bit and drill the center of each pop rivet. The heads should all fall off then. Remove the bright strip and lightly tap the tips with a soft mallet and the tips should wiggle off the muffler. Inside the tips are the perforated tubes wrapped with the sound deadening material. Just unwrap this material. In order to remove the pins from inside the end of the muffler you should enlarge the 3/16" diameter hole to about 1/4" diameter and shake out the pins through the hole. I don't know where to source new pop rivets to replace the ones that were previously drilled though. Maybe McMaster-Carr has them in their catalogue. If you need photos just e-mail me as I have just done the job.

-- Kenny Nash (, July 19, 2004.

i too am considering this mod, i read somewhere that a guy replaced the inner tubes on the 4 x exhaust tips with a larger diametre tube the same size as in the RG3 pipes. i need to know if the RG3 muffler (the silver part that the tips connect to) is any different internally to the stock muffler. Kenny if you dont mind, can i see your pictures please. also how are the perforated inner tubes connected to the muffler? (weld, rivets) any advise is appreciated. Thanks.

-- Fiorello Galluzzo (, July 27, 2004.

Hi there! i am also interested in this mod but for my 1000 model. Can I get some info on the procedures, pictures?.. Many thanks!

-- Richard (, October 10, 2004.

So I read the post and went out to the garage and did as instructed above. This makes little or no dif. in how the bike sounds. Almost sounds stock still. Dont waste your time.

-- brian (, October 12, 2004.

ok. Maybe I shouldn't have been so harsh in my response to how the bike will sound when the packing is removed. Are you suppose to take out the baffles as well as the packing? After all that work you would think it would sound a little louder without the packing.

-- brian (, October 13, 2004.

It may sound stock when idle but when your on the move thats when the mod on the pipes should make a difference.

-- BillyG (, January 01, 2005.

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