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Trong ít ngày nữa (21-07-04) th́ Tổ chức Kinh Tế & Xă hội của LHQ sẽ quyết định tiếp tục duy tŕ hay tạm ngưng hoạt động của Đảng Cấp tiến Xuyên quốc Gia (Transnational Radical Party -TRP) theo đơn kiện của Nhà nước cộng sản Việt Nam.

Là những người yêu chuộng sự dân chủ-tự do, tôn trọng nhân quyền, xin yêu cầu các bạn bỏ ra một vài phút để cùng với Transnational Radical Party gởi tiếng nói của các bạn đến Tổ chức Kinh tế & Xă hội của Liên hiệp quốc. Xin các bạn hăy vào trong Link này

Radical Party: Sign the Appeal

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-- Kẻ Sĩ Bắc Hà (, July 17, 2004


Dear friend,

As you know, on July 21 the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations will vote on a Vietnamese request to suspend the general consultative status of the Transnational Radical Party for three years.

You might also be aware of what the TRP, as an NGO affiliated with the UN, has been able to accomplish since 1995. It ardently supported the creation of the International Criminal Court, a resolution for a universal moratorium on the death penalty, and a variety of antiprohibitionist activities. It has also been an active presence at the UN in Geneva, Vienna and New York, allowing to several oppressed peoples the opportunity to make their voices heard before the United Nations.

Indeed, many agree that TRP's contribution has been significant, and that it has had some substantial impact on world affairs, otherwise a regime like Vietnam would not be trying so hard to expel us from the UN system for having fought for religious freedom and for the indigenous rights of the Montagnard people, who have been brutally persecuted by Hanoi for years.

Today, like four years ago, when the Russian Federation presented a similar request, we want to show that "common sense" sides with democracy and civil and political rights for everyone. We will counter the Vietnamese request using our political tools.

We are working to avoid the worst possible outcome: our expulsion. For this reason, we write to seek your support by

+ signing the appeal and encouraging others to sign

+ joining the TRP and encouraging others to join as well

In all our campaigns, we were took full advantage of our Consultative Status with the United Nations. In the future, we would like to continue to do so, and for this reason we are committed to obtaining a favourable vote on July 21. Our defeat would represent a defeat for democracy and for the UN system of protecting human rights.

We hope you will join us.

Sergio Stanzani

Danilo Quinto

-- Kẻ Sĩ Bắc Hà (, July 17, 2004.

anh KSBH .mong anh tiep 1tay cung toi loan cai loi keu goi nay tre^n paltalk....goi tre^n ddo´se~ co nhiêu chiên hu*u? ho se~ vao ky tên ngay ...tôi dang ba^^.n nhu*ng se~ cô´ ga(ng kêu goi trong room TTVNCC ( tuôi? tre? VN chô´ng công )

-- BACLIEU 2002 ( paltalk) (, July 18, 2004.

Anh Bac Lieu, toi da lam roi sang nay. Cai gi cho cai dzu nay thi thang tui le lam ma

-- Kẻ Sĩ Bắc Hà (, July 18, 2004.

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