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This is abselutly the most horrible site I have ever been to. I know Photojournalism is a very competative business, but noone here is willing to help anyone else starting out. That is the most atrocious thing I have ever seen. I had to have seen 20 requests for help on this site and none of them were replied to. I am especially appaled by the fact that the people who are asking about war photography are not being answered. I guess everyone here is all about themselves and will be writing here how horrible it is when photojournalist are killed in action. Yet noone here is helping them. War zones are no place for inexperience most photographers who cover war who are killed are covering their first one. This is such crap when one of these young photographers gets killed it will be on all of your heads for not helping them at least reply and tell them not to do it. Noone here ever gave me any help and I survived on my own but I was also a infantryman in the marine corps so I know my way around. Now I have a Job working for a paper here. If anyone needs help just ask me I'll do my best to help you I am still learning here too.

-- Tom Galante (, July 17, 2004


Totally agree Tom, freelancing in warzones without backing, experience or protection is a recipe for getting killed. Atleast in the military protective mechanisms are in place. I also agree with your dislike of closed systems. I'm trying to explore an open system approach on my website slowly building free workshops, model hosting etc. I'm also working on an article at the moment on how tough it is for talented phots to break into collecatable status. Pretty tough when galleries, books etc will only show the usual suspects. Regards

-- Al Green (, August 12, 2004.

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