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I'm searching througout the internet for a comparison/test between the Agfa APX 100, the Kodak Tri-X 100 (now TXP) and the Kodak T-max 100 (now TMX). Does anyone have a link and/or additional info about the differences?

-- Allard (, July 17, 2004


Hi Allard the best article I know is Erwin Puts Erwin's Photosite. He is an expert on lens testing too,follow his articles on B&W developing & darkroom work .My opinion and experience Kodak Tmax is tops,at least for extreme enlargements past 12 times.I hope this helps . http://www.imxnl/index.html Good light Manfred

-- Manfred Feuser (, August 20, 2004.

i actually just did a film test in my photo class comparing apx 400 with tri x. i personally have liked tri x for a while so i may be a bit biased towards it. i found tri x to have a slightly finer grain and it has more exposure latitude than apx, its also a tad more contrasty. as far as t max 100, i used tmax all through high school, so i dont' know accurate i can be on it cuz my teacher didn't know much about chemical maintainance. i do know that since tri x has been redone, its argued to have a slightly finer grain than the tmax now.the tmax is a good film though, they all are, i have made fabulous prints with all 3. but i can't say i have ever seen tri x 100, i only know of 400 and 320

-- nick stodola (, February 16, 2005.

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