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I've seen this subject addressed here a couple of times, but I am in desperate need of ANY information I can get on it. I am the director at Middle-Georgia Paranormal Research Group. We are currently looking into any "Haunting" at this location. Before we actually send a team out to the site, I'd like to get any background I can on the events that happened on or near the trestle. The story that we've heard the most is; A passenger train derailed on the trestle or very close to it, and killed a good number of passengers on board. It is said that if you go out there, on some nights, you can hear the train and hear the whistle, as well as hear people screaming. A few people have actually reported seeing a woman in a blue or purple dress walk across the trestle, and that when she looks in your direction, her eyes are glowing. Others have reported seeing a railway worker walking in the woods near the track carrying a lantern and yelling a name, and that when you call to him, he looks at you and disappears. I am not sure how much, if any of this is true, my job is to find out one thing; Fact? or Urban Legend? The specific information I am looking for at this point is; 1)Was there ever actually a train wreck or derailment at or near this trestle? (On Trestle Rd. in Griffin, GA near Luella, between Griffin and McDonough) 2) If there was an accident at or near this location, was anyone killed? 3)Does anyone know the EXACT location that the accident occurred? 4)What year at the least preferably date and time, or as precise as you can get, did it happen? If anyone has any information at all on this location or incident, please email me ASAP at, or you can find my other contact information on our website;

Thank you all, Daniel Nash

-- Daniel Nash (, July 16, 2004


Where was the "famous train wreck" in the area? How would I find out exactly how many deaths have happened at this site, as well as at the site of the wreck you spoke of, and dates/details? The reason I am so focused on this particular Trestle at the moment, is that another very experienced, and highly respected research team conducted an investigation in the area, and though did not get any positive results at the actual trestle, apparently there is a bridge somewhere close by on the road, and positive results were obtained near the bridge. Again, any information that you could give me would be very helpful, and greatly appreciated. After our investigation is complete, if we come out with no positive results, this will be ruled out as an Urban Legend, and hopefully will be cleared up with everyone wheras, as soon as we come to the descision that it is Urban Legend, we will post a complete report in the Griffin Daily News to show that it has been investigated by trained, certified professionals, and nothing was found. Maybe this will clear up most of the stories, and unwanted visitors to the site. Thank you for your help. If you'd like, you can contact me via telephone at (770)358- 1172 to discuss.

-- Daniel Nash (, July 17, 2004.


NO, there WASN'T!

We (Roosevelt Railroad museum, inc.) were the last owners of this trestle, before it was condemned by the Henry county water authority for the resivoir last year. We have done extensive research on this trestle, and while there have been several deaths there since 1886 that we are aware of, only a few were railroad related. The rest were the "paranormal" types horsing around, and various accidents over the years. But the derailment that is so famous was not on this line, at this trestle.

Sorry for the obvious discontent with the issue, but that seems to be the only thing people care about with our railroad line, and this trestle in particular.

No wonder Spalding county wanted nothing to do with helping to preserve the trestle.

-- Elton (, July 17, 2004.

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