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After a year of fighting AN I have remortgaged the house we live in and am about to be free of AN... And I'm delighted. However they are extreamly greedy. our mortgage was 42000 so my new lender has given me 50000 I expected some charges but the greedy scum that they are have taken all of the 50000 and I have had to pay an extra 300 on top of that to be rid of them. While I have paid it and it is a joy to be rid of them. I intend to fight them to get some of my money back, now that they can do nothing to me I will find delight in causing them they same headach they have given me. I will be going to the press and want to warn as many people as possible to avoid them like the plauge.

-- Marga-Rhett Smith (, July 16, 2004

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