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Does anyone know of a woman named Aaron Lane or her girlfreind that I beleive live up in Calveras Oregan and may ride an MV or some MV clone (another brand with stock MV silencers stuffed in the tail). I suspect I'm the victem of fraud. Three months after selling them my stock exhaust and receiving positive feedback from them on E-Bay they claim someone else purchased the exhaust with their credit card on their E-Bay account then somehow managed to take possesion of it even though it was sent to their address?? I'm out $300 at a less then stellar time and smell a rat. If anyone knows of a chick up there whose exhaust matches this description please write down a plate # and shoot me an e-mail or call me collect at (415)225-7294. Thanks Sean Crane

-- Sean Crane (, July 16, 2004


Sean, Sorry to hear about your misfortune. There are a couple of things you may want to check into if you have not already. First, did the dilivery address match the credit billing address? Did the card information match the eBay information? Whomever you used to ship it may have a signature record of the dilivery, which is why I always use a dilivery confirmation signature. Did you check the eBay feedback of the buyer? If you look into their eBay account information, you may find out some details, since you did have a completed trasaction through the auction. I presume that if you are out the money, it is because of a chargeback from the card company. Did you contact them about it? Usually if you have received payment for an item, it is up to the card company and the card holder to get re-embursed for a fraudulant situation. Again, shipping confirmation and or insurance on it prevents you from taking the fall in most of these type of cases. If you are a business you should be protected by the fraudulant buyer practices the the card companies incorperate as part of your card features. As an indiviual taking a credit card for payment, it becomes a little more difficult. You may also want to be sure that it is a woman, as scamming an exhaust for a couple hundred dollars is a little odd. One last thing is that there are bike clubs everywhere. The exhaust is very uncommon and if you can contact the leaders of some of the clubs, it is very likely that someone has seen it. By the way, how did they contact you, only through eBay or from a posting somewhere? If I can think of anything else that might help I will drop you a line. Best Regards and good luck

-- Cali-Kane (, July 17, 2004.

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