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what support services exist for transcultural nurses?

-- Rita Wulz (, July 16, 2004


Rita, Nurses often overlook the most important resources. Though there are many on-line resources for transcultural issues, there also exist local and community groups and ethnic clubs, these allow the nurse to view the patient in the contexts within which he exists. Take the plunge and visit different ethnic communities, talk and interview the people, experience their celebrations, food, music, dance …it helps communication if we can see the patient in the context of his life, not in what we consider the artificial environment of the clinic, hospital, or ER. Here are a few sites that will get you started. Many other Federal and non-governmental agencies are working to promote cultural responsiveness in health services for all people.

Transcultural Nursing Basic Concepts

The National Alliance for Hispanic Health

The National Center for Cultural Competence

The SUNY Institute of Technology library is the home of "CulturedMed", a web site promoting culturally-competent health care for refugees and immigrants

The Cross Cultural Health Care Program

Cultural profiles project

-- victor m. fernandez (, October 23, 2004.

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