Whats a fair price for a Senna?

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I am looking into purchasing a senna over the next year and have seen a wide range of prices. One in florida for 19K and a recent one on ebay where the owner expects 30K. For those of you have bought and sold them please share your experience. I know how much they retailed for and am happy to pay a fair price but not some inflated collector's price who bought the thing as an investment.

-- Ian Cunningham (argusian1@yahoo.com), July 13, 2004


Ian, why not just buy a 1000 Ago? $25,995 plus tax, tag, and setup. And it's faster. Just food for thought.

-- Brian Ogle (brian928s@cs.com), July 13, 2004.

I have thought about it and might go for a 1000 if I can't find a senna at a decent price in the next months. I found one in the cycle trader in Florida that sold for 19000 and looking back now it might have been a good idea to pick it up but I was still on the fence. The Ago is nice but I really like the senna's. I would pick up a 1000 before an Ago but that is a one nice bike.

-- Ian (argusian1@yahoo.com), July 13, 2004.

I think there is one on ebay right now. Maybe you can email the guy and ask him what his reserve is to remove all the suspense, or better yet if you ask around enough there is probably one or two on some dealer's showroom floor. I want to say I saw one on the Atlanta dealer's website.

-- Brian Ogle (brian928s@cs.com), July 13, 2004.

My bad Ian, the Atlanta dealer has an 04 SPR.

-- Brian Ogle (brian928s@cs.com), July 13, 2004.

Yeah, I saw that and contacted the guy about it. He is expecting around 30,000 for it when the auction has not passed 16000 and probably will not. I wished him luck and sent him a link to what another one was selling for which was19000. The last one I saw for sale in Florida started out at 24000 and they kept lowering the price until it hit 19000 and then it finally sold. I guess some people think these things appreciate. Even the most collectible in my opinion, The Oro series are now selling for high 20's when their sale tag was over 40000. Oh well, another will come along but if I can't find a senna a thousand will certainly do. One way or another I will join the club soon.

-- Ian (argusian1@yahoo.com), July 14, 2004.

Yo! Buddies & Friends. Remember that the 750's will be extinct soon, now that the 1000's are already out there. There may be more power and so onto it but remember this well, the 750's will retain it's pedigree and history and more and will be more expensive than any of those 1000's you have there. These will be collectible items soon -- if not sooner, specially the SPR & Senna's. I do suggest to keep it with you, if you are a collector or somewhat. But otherwise, sell it cheap to us enthusiast who wants to collect these babies and put them in an air-conditioned room! Ciao!

-- AJ Adiviso (adiviso@hotmail.com), July 18, 2004.

I am not sure about that, especially if they come out with a 1000 spr or senna edition which they might. On the other hand I wouldn't mind purchasing a 750 senna from someone wanting to trade to a thousand but if the 2005 line announces a senna 1000 I'll be holding out for that.

-- Ian (argusian1@yahoo.com), July 19, 2004.

AJ - you can't be serious? There are few vehicles that will appreciate in price and fewer that are within reach. I love the MV F4, but to think that the bike will appreciate in price is rediculous regardless of what model it is. Well....maybe if you bought the bike, not ride it at all and keep it for about 30-40yr, you just might get some return for that investment if yours. If you guys want to invest, why don't you just buy some land?

-- RUF (ruf993ttr@cox.net), July 20, 2004.

Yo! I guess your right, RUF. If you want something secure and solid as an investment, you can always buy a real estate, put your money in good use like the bank, trust funds, stock market, etc. You can also considering buying an art collection for a hefty sum, but you have to wait for about 50 years to find someone dead who made his name in history and paints. Or you can always consider buying a 1929 Ford T-Model from your great great uncle and hold onto it and pass it to generation until it reaches your great grandson. The price would surely appreciate. The price for a 1976 Honda bike sells more nowadays compared to how much you get it before, but it does takes about 30 years to really see the difference. Automobiles would surely depreciate overtime, depending on the numbers in the market and availability in certain area. What is important is we enjoyed our bike as it is. The best thing also is that it depreciates less compared to it's Jap counterparts or other bike models. I guess we are the few lucky blokes!

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), July 24, 2004.

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