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Hi. I have a framed litho that I was hoping someone could help me with figuring out who the artist is. I can make out some of the name, but not all. It looks like this:

Car Bou___ There is a half letter cut off after the "U" and it looks like half a capital "T" and it looks like there might be a last name under the "Car Bou__" but having major trouble seeing it as it is very faded. Maybe starts with "H" and has "berg" and "IV" maybe... then it has "Litho.IN U.S.A." then I think a L in a circle with two small circles after.

The pic is depiction of an early american household, a mother holding a small child who is kind of playing with a little girl with a long blonde braid and anothe girl sitting in chair to the right pairing fruit. All appear to have on dutch shoes and time period clothing.

This is in an old frame.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Christina

-- Christina M. (, July 13, 2004

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