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I have several kinds of bird in a "free range" one acre pen. One duck and one chicken are lame. They have no thorns or anything but one foot on each bird is very swollen and hot and they are limping around. I tried poking one with a pin and draining it but it didn't work very well. Any home remedy suggestions? Thanks Millions.

-- Margie (, July 12, 2004


Sounds like bumblefoot. Take them to a vet and have the wounds drained. They'll probably put them on antibiotics. I'd also try to find the source of the wounds to their feet. I've never had bumblefoot in my flock, but I don't have anything they can hurt they're feet on. I think they can die from bumblefoot. Sounds like a painful way to die, so I think it's worth a trip to the vet.

Good luck.

-- Cheryl (, September 03, 2004.

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