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Can someone supply KONE Monospace PCB?

-- Hustachy (, July 12, 2004


The Mono space control has been sold all over the world for ten years with many differant controls over 100,000. What controler model do you ahve and what board there are numerous. What wrong with the board and whats wrong. Jim

-- Jim (, July 12, 2004.

We need one PCB in particular.

I have the code of this board. It is an LCE PCB.

-- Hustachy (, July 19, 2004.

Well, why not try to contact KONE in your country? I guess that would be Montgomery. If you could tell your location I can provide contact information for you. Is there any reason why you would rather not buy it from KONE?

Anyway, the LCE is not the name of the PCB it rather is the name of the whole control system composed of a number of individual PCBs ranging from the smallest in the shaft bundle to the larger ones with the main CPU. SO your information is not sufficient, indicating that you might not have a full understanding of how the parts involved work. If that is the case I would strongly suggest you to take utmost care since this LCE controller is equipped with a synchronous permanent magnet motor / drive unit and should not be tampered with.

If you change the boards without having the adequate information for the setting of correct parameters you probably will not be able to get it running or you might cause a malfunction with possible safety issues.

-- Vidar Nordbø (, July 21, 2004.

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