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How do nurses manage patient's from different ethnic backgrounds?

-- Katrina Ferlewicz (, July 10, 2004


The culturally competent institution employs staff who themselves represent the diversity of the population served and have the language skills and cultural sensitivity needed to provide excellent service to all. Patient education materials and instructions are offered in the appropiatelanguages and literacy levels. Translation services are available around the clock, at least by phone, and patients are asked for their input into nursing features that address cultural needs or issues. The culturally competent nurse also makes sure patients receive culturally appropriate services from other health care providers. Barriers to access or quality ultimately affect outcomes, so efforts to persuade hospitals and colleagues to improve cultural competence are worthwhile. Enabling patients to use the health system more effectively means that their self-reliance is enhanced. Words of encouragement, along with the requisite resources and tools, teach patients how to navigate the system, reduce health risks and invest in healthy lifestyles.

-- victor m. fernandez (, July 21, 2004.

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